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…Deals tremendous damage at distances up to 600m and reloads rapidly. Target lock-on required to fire. Ignores Ancile shield… – in-game description

Zeus (Heavy Energy weapon)

A heavy weapon, the Zeus costs 1,500 gold. The Zeus strikes without warning, sending a searing bolt of energy hurtling across the battlefield to a maximum range of 600 meters. The bolt of energy appears as a thick, white jagged lightning bolt and leaves its target with a white hot glowing impact point.

A target lock is required to fire. The Zeus will only do damage on a clear line of sight shot: there is no splash damage around corners or over obstacles. With a five second reload time and a one second discharge time, the Zeus can potentially be fired 10 times per minute. At the highest level (12) the Zeus does 14,891 damage per shot. This makes the weapon potentially lethal at even knife-fighting ranges when paired with a Magnum or Taran. Notable examples of this are the Golem and Leo.

As with all energy weapons, the Zeus is unaffected by the Ancile, the Fūjin's shield and the Carnage's shield. However, it can be physically blocked by Écus, the Rhino's shield, the Raijin's shields, the Gareth's , Galahad' s and Lancelot's shields, making the weapon somewhat ineffective on these bots. However, it is still a massive threat to them when they are out of shield, and it is deadly to any robot that lacks a shield at all.


  • The Zeus can be deadly to a Carnage, due to the fact it ignores Ancile shielding.
  • The Zeus is a direct reference to the ancient Greek god of the sky and thunder.
  • The Zeus, along with the Gekko, originally dealt more damage to a robot depending on how heated up said robot was; the more the robot was hit by these weapons, the more damage it dealt. They now deal max damage at all times, although the max amount of damage itself was reduced.
  • The functions of the Zeus are actually more scientifically probable than most other weapons in the game, save the ones that already exist. The Zeus is likely a very powerful Tesla Cannon, which shoots megawatt lightning at a long range, ionising the target area and superheating the air around it, creating a small explosion equivalent to that of a thunderclap, which would destroy a conventional vehicle but only shake the robots in WWR. This is supported by the fact that the Zeus has to "lock-on," finding what amount of current, at what frequency, and at what particular charge is needed to selectively hit the target and not the ground in front of the cannon. This is also supported by the fact that the Zeus fires a large white bolt of electricity, and the well-known reference to Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 7695 1500 Au 7695 7695 1283
6 8405 (+9%) 960k 20 h 8405 8405 1401
7 9246 (+10%) 1,900k 1 d 16 h 9246 9246 1541
8 10211 (+10%) 3,600k 2 d 2 h 10211 10211 1702
9 11221 (+10%) 7,200k 2 d 12 h 11221 11221 1870
10 12331 (+10%) 12,000k 3 d 1 h 12331 12331 2055
11 13537 (+10%) 19,000k 4 d 4 h 13537 13537 2256
12 14891 (+10%) 31,000k 5 d 17 h 14891 14891 2482

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