Weapon Classes

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Weapons come in three classes: Light, Medium & Heavy. Generally, the larger the weapon the greater the damage. Weapons also vary in range from close range to long range. Generally the longer the range the lesser the damage.

List of Weapons

Light Weapons

Punisher : Molot : Spiral : Ecu : Gekko : Aphid : Pinata : Pin : Noricum : Magnum : Gust : Arbalest

Medium Weapons

Heavy Weapons

Weapons by Role & Hardpoint

Gun (Short) Gun (Med) Gun (Sniper) Missile (Short) Missile (Med) Rockets (Short) Rockets (Med) Energy (Short) Energy (Med) Energy (Long) Shield Artillery
Light Hardpoint Punisher, Gust (C) Molot Aphid (G) Spiral Pinata Pin Magnum (WP) Gekko (G), Arbalest (C) Ecu Noricum
Medium Punisher T, Storm (C) Molot T Vortex (C) Hydra (WP) Orkan (G) Tulumbas Taran (WP),

Shocktrain (C), Scourge (C)

Heavy Thunder Tempest (C) Nashorn,

Kang Dae

Trident (WP) Redeemer (C),

Ember* (C)

Zeus (G), Dragoon (C) Trebuchet (WP) Ancile (G) Zenit

Most commonly weapons cost Silver, if not noted otherwise:

(G) - Gold currency weapon

(WP) - Workshop Point weapon

(C) - Component weapon

* The Ember is not a true energy weapon, unlike energy weapons, it is the only weapon that can bypass both physical and Ancile shields.

Hardpoint Types

Hardpoints are the mounts on each robot that weapons or shields can attach to. A robot may have up to four hardpoints, and depending on design can be in a variety of positions or combinations. Hardpoints come in three types, to match the equivalent weapon classes. The hardpoints on robots cannot be upgraded, re-positioned or removed; (however developers are known to change hardpoints type\location in rare cases - Cossack had a Light hardpoint that was changed to Medium, Gl Patton was designed with two light hardpoints, and later another two were added, and Golem had the location of the light hardpoint changed tfrom next to the medium hardpoint to under the heavy).

Only the corresponding weapon class can be mounted on a Hardpoint. There is one exception to this rule; the Ecu can be mounted to either a light or medium side hardpoint but is not available on light and medium hardpoints on specific robots (e.g. the top medium hardpoint of the Rhino).

Weapon Cost Table

Light Medium Heavy
Weapon Price Weapon Price Weapon Price
Punisher 20k Punisher Mk2 30k Nashorn 100k
Molot 20k Molot Mk2 30k Ancile 1,500 Gold
Spiral 20k Ecu 50k Thunder 580k
Ecu 50k Orkan 1,200 Gold Kang Dae 580k
Gekko 750 Gold Tulumbas 435k Zeus 1,500 Gold
Aphid 750 Gold Taran 5,650 WP Zenit 580k
Pinata 290k Hydra 5,650 WP Trident 7,500 WP
Pin 290k Scourge 10,000 Components Trebuchet 7,500 WP
Noricum 290k Shocktrain 10,000 Components Tempest 10,000 Components
Magnum 3,750 WP Vortex 10,000 Components Ember 10,000 Components
Gust 10,000 Components Redeemer 10,000 Components
Arbalest 10,000 Components Dragoon 10,000 Components
  • EXPIRED NUMBERS: A break down of weapon DPS and DPM can be found here. Best used and understood by experienced players.

Weapon Types

There are five weapon types in War Robots. These weapons are grouped based on how they work and how they do damage.

  1. Guns: Simple bullet/shell firing rifles/cannons with a flat trajectory and high velocity. They can continuously fire at enemy robots, doing large amounts of damage over time. These weapons are absorbed by all shields.
  2. Rockets: Launchers that fire powerful explosive munitions that do splash damage. They travel slowly with a flat trajectory (except the Noricum and Zenit which fire in a high mortar/artillery-like arc). They can output a huge amount of damage in a very short amount of time (hence the term "Death Button") but will leave the user defenseless while reloading. These weapons have the ability to penetrate physical shields (such as the Ecu and the ones used by the Rhino, Raijin, Lancelot, etc.)
  3. Homing Missiles: These lock on and fire projectiles that track the target. With some practice, you can wind homing missiles over, under, and around obstacles. You need a large cover to block incoming homing missiles.
  4. Energy: Energy weapons are line-of-sight weapons that fire laser beams or bolts of super-heated plasma. High velocity and damage. These weapons are usually expensive and cost premium currency, such as event tokens, gold (Au), or workshop points (WP). They also have the capability of bypassing Ancile shields, making them very effective against Fujins in Sentry mode or Carnages.
  5. Shields: Equipment used to block incoming fire. Physical shields (ECU) and energy shields (Ancile) are available.


  • Earlier versions of the game used mph (not km/h) for robot travel speed, it has always used meters (m, metric) for weapon ranges.
  • Any weapon can be "shot off" and damaged at critical health, including holstered weapons such as on a quick draw bot.