So you're new to the wiki? Cool! The War Robots wiki is for everyone to contribute to, share information, learn new things, and to be active in the community! Be nice to other members of the community and remember that not everyone has the same play style and ultimately War Robots is about having fun.

Administrators may issue Blocks in the case of repeated breaches of this Code of Conduct. If you're unsure and you have any questions regarding any policy, then please contact an Administrator.


  • Make meaningful edits.
  • Be active in chat.
  • Use forums (correctly please).
  • Be nice to others, both old and new.
  • Make an account here, so you can engage more on the wiki!
  • Use common sense.
  • If you have privileges, use them correctly.

Do Not:

  • Use profane, racist, sexist, etc. language. Minor profanity is allowed however.
  • Spread flame wars.
  • Make trolling, random edits that mean nothing.
  • Upload useless info.
  • Upload strategies that not everyone can benefit from.
  • Lie.
  • Hack.
  • Spam the page with random letters like spam removed.
  • Abuse privileges if you have them.
  • Post information that could be used to cheat, hack, or otherwise circumvent the rules of War Robots or this wiki.

List of Bannable Offenses

The following acts can merit a timeout ban of one hour in extreme circumstances:

These will not usually be enforced, however, if you constantly cross the line then do not expect any sympathy

  • Excessive salt
  • Anybody who has contributed to a flamewar other than the instigator
  • Profanity
  • Rudeness to other users

The following acts merit a temporary ban of three days:

  • Excessive and/or offensive profanity
  • Flaming
  • Minimodding unpolitely, polite minimodding is fine however

The following acts merit a moderate ban of one month:

  • Trolling
  • Flaming a clan's recruitment post
  • Editing of the profiles of other users without permission and for malicious reasons
  • Spreading of false information that can seriously damage players of the game
  • Clan poaching such as when one clan tries to steal one or more members of another clan
  • Instigating a flamewar (depends on severity)
  • Excessive flaming
  • Deletion of proof of transgressions of wiki rules
  • Insulting another wikia user
  • Harassment
  • Will not stop even after admins and mods have issued a cease and desist

The following acts merit a long ban of three months:

  • Instigating a flamewar(depends on severity)
  • Bigotry such as outright racism or sexism, depending on intent
  • Filling pages and forum threads with useless info

The following acts merit an extremely long ban of one year:

  • Insulting admins and moderators and/or comparing them to dictators of the past
  • Extreme Trolling
  • Not praising lord fungi πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„(jk)
  • Posting information that can be used to cheat or hack the game

The following acts merit an immediate, infinite ban:

  • Linking to pornography
  • Linking to a malicious link
  • Sockpuppeting for malicious reasons
  • Vandalism of wiki pages
  • Cheating or hacking(disconnecting also counts)
  • Repeated cases of any of the above acts

Other General Rules

  • Clan recruitment threads must stay on topic
  • No discussion about politics unless it is satire.

These rules will be updated as more are remembered and/or created.

Profanity (Swearing)

If you receive a *Profanity Removed* on one of your posts, don't take it personally. It is just a moderator doing their job. We welcome open and frank discussion but because this wiki is visited by people from many different cultures and age groups and we have decided to err on the side of caution.


Style Guide

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