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War Robots (The Game)

War Robots (formerly Walking War Robots) is an online multiplayer robot combat game developed by Pixonic, in which players pilot giant robots in a 6 versus 6 team capture-the-flag style combat simulation. Available on iOS, Android and Amazon.

War Robots (This Wiki)

This Wiki's purpose is to provide a collaborative encyclopedic repository for everything related to the game, War Robots. Here you will find a community of dedicated players sharing hints and tips about the game, and information on the various Weapons, Robots and maps!

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Light Robots: Cossack : Destrier : Gepard : Schutze : Gareth : Stalker : Jesse

Medium Robots: Vityaz : Golem : Gl. Patton : Rogatka : Boa : Galahad : Carnage : Fujin : Doc

Heavy Robots: Leo : Fury : Lancelot : Griffin : Natasha : Rhino : Raijin : Butch

Light Weapons: Punisher : Molot : Spiral : Ecu : Gekko : Aphid : Pinata : Pin : Noricum : Magnum

Medium Weapons: Punisher Mk2 : Molot Mk2 : Ecu : Orkan : Tulumbas : Taran : Hydra

Heavy Weapons: Nashorn : Ancile : Thunder : Kang Dae : Zeus : Zenit : Trident : Trebuchet : Tempest

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Featured Article

Combat Roles


Golem midrange support bot

Being primarily an area control game, War Robots requires a team with a good mix of robots in order to win. Capturing beacons and defending beacons require different setups. Unless you are lucky enough to kill the entire red team, having a full team of heavy hitters (or long range snipers) won't win you the match if you can't get to the beacons before the timer runs out. Robots that are setup for a particular role e.g all close range heavy damage weapons, is generally better than a robot setup with weapons designed for different purposes e.g. two close range and one long range weapon. Be a specialist. It works well in War Robots.

While not an exhaustive list, here are the main roles typically found on a good team.

Thank you to all who are maintaining this wikia.

Disclaimer: This wikia is an unofficial fan wiki to the Pixonic game "War Robots" and no copyright infringement is intended! Official War Robots website

Latest Activity

  • discussion page What is the true cost of a Maxed Hanger?
    created by Cybertron2 13 minutes ago


    Thanks Leon!  Very interesting post. It seems a few might have found it discouraging, but to me the idea of starting from nothing and havin... 



    Too long time, right? I have a solution for this situation. Don’t do it average. Martial art fighting rule: Keep focus in 1 weakest point... 

  • discussion page Talk:Gekko
    new comment by Guard10120 39 minutes ago
    Comment: Don't use it at close range, use it as a sniper/support weapon.
  • discussion page Talk:Ancile
    new comment by Guard10120 41 minutes ago
    Comment: I know, but what I meant is, why do we need something like that? Would be funny on a Fury with an Ancile and two of these. Hard nut to crack!
  • discussion page Talk:Griffin
    new comment by Lion10903 49 minutes ago
    Comment: flankers are essentially bots that go around the map and, instead of contesting popular spots like the center beacon, attack the enemy lines from the...
  • discussion page Are rockets no longer proximity-fused?
    comment by Gengarkun 55 minutes ago


    So I can still hit people around corners? 



    Yes, but not as much as before. 

  • discussion page Talk:Griffin
    new comment by J-Elite 1 hour ago
    Comment: Pin/Tulumbas doesn't do as much damage as Orkan/Pinata. The RDB setup just has an extra 200m to play with. 
  • discussion page Talk:Griffin
    new comment by J-Elite 1 hour ago
    Comment: Sorry I'm being a noob here - I've been continuously seeing the word "flank" in this wikia, like "flanking" and "flankers". What does it mean?
  • discussion page Talk:Galahad
    new comment by J-Elite 1 hour ago
    Comment: Alright, thanks. 
  • discussion page Talk:Galahad
    new comment by Lion10903 1 hour ago
    Comment: Well, if you have mostly heavy/slow bots, I would recommend Galahad for beacons in the beginning. And if you have mostly light/medium/faster bots, I...
  • discussion page Talk:Paint Job
    new comment by Juggernaut2019 1 hour ago
    Comment: Sandstorm paint job for the stalker is the only one I would really buy :p It just looks so amazing to me for some reason.
  • discussion page Talk:Galahad
    new comment by J-Elite 1 hour ago
    Comment: This is what I'm planning to achieve, not what I have right now. Currently my 3-slot hangar is crap :-P Stalker, Carnage, Leo, Boa
  • discussion page Talk:Galahad
    new comment by Lion10903 1 hour ago
    Comment: hmm... what are the other bots in your hangar?

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