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My opinion as to what the main, initial strategic movement may be for each map in War Robots. Hopefully, most of the diagrams are self explanatory. Other articles on this site have great info on strategy, so I'll keep the article short.


  • Large green arrows = Main attack
  • Small green arrows = Small attack force
  • Red curve = Defense
  • Dotted arrows = Alternate attack
  • Fury bot = Spawn Point
    WR Shenzhen map Strategy North-vsSouth

    Shenzen Strategic Map

    WR Yamantau map East-vs-Weast

    Yamantau Strategic Map

    WR Springfield map Strategy A-vs-E

    Springfield spawnpoint A vs. spawnpoint E

    WR Springfield map Strategy B-vs-E

    Springfield spawnpoint B vs. spawnpoint E

    WR Springfield map Strategy C-vs-River

    Springfield spawnpoint C vs. spawnpoint Riverbed

WR Powerplant map North-vs-South

Powerplant map strategy

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