This is currently a barebones WP guide. More information will be added later.

You may also want to see the Gold purchase guide.

Weapons are slightly more important in the beginning than which bot is being used, especially in lower tiers. It’s important to note that once you complete Level 15 in the Workshop, you will not get any more ‘bonuses’ for reaching milestones, so making the best choices with your initial purchases can save you a lot of time and regret later on.

Notice: With Workshop 2.0 on the horizon, the current WSP system will soon be changed. Instead, players can use the Workshop to create components of weapons/robots of their choice. Unspent WP will be converted to Keys.

Recommended buying order:

Taran (350m)

One of the best medium weapons in the game. Be sure to flank shielded bots and keep your distance from Thunder bots unless you have a thunder yourself. Purchasing 4 is recommended.

The main difference between plasma weapons and machine guns is that machine guns suffer from high spread at longer distances. This results in less damage at longer distances due to more bullets missing. Plasma weapons are, in that respect, stronger (than machine guns e.g Punisher) at their maximum distance.

The Taran is of the highest priority as in the early game, a Thunder Taran Boa is one of the best setups before Gold league. In addition, once the boa becomes obsolete, you can easily switch the taran to a Griffin, Galahad, or Rhino without any troubles. Once you start using heavy robots, it is strongly recommended to carry at least two plasma builds, such as the Taran Magnum Griffin, the Taran Magnum Rhino, and the Taran Thunder Lancelot. Taran Fujin is also a relatively common build. In higher Leagues, most players will be using at least 4 tarans on robots such as Lancelots, Rhinos, Griffins and Bulgasaris.

Magnum (350m)

One of the most powerful light weapons in the game. This is due to the magnum possessing high damage, good range, and no reload time.

Under the current matchmaking, most players switch quickly to heavy robots. Popular builds are the Magnum Taran Griffin/Rhino, the Magnum Thunder Leo, and the Magnum/Taran Galahad. Due to this, 4 Magnums are recommended.

Trident (600m)

Tridents are excellent WP weapons. Arguably being the most powerful rocket munitions in the game. They possess the longest range (600m) and the shortest reload time, as well as damage comparable with that of a pinata, resulting in the highest DPM (Damage per Second) of any rocket weapon. Dash bots, however, are able to scale its fire and Ancilots block most of the damage, so it's best to stick with a Zeus for these situations.

The Fury or Butch equipped with Tridents is essentially a DB Rhino or Griffin with twice the range. They are effective against robots with physical shields, such as the Knights of Camelot (BritBots), the Raijin and the Rhino. A Trident Carnage or a Trident Pin Natasha are excellent alternatives if you don't own a (5000 gold) Fury, and many players carry 1-2 midrange (Trident or Zeus) robots. Some players also run a Trident Pin Leo.

As of the current meta, however, Tridents have somewhat fallen out of favour due to the number of Haechis and Ancilots, which all have energy shields. Although it costs Gold, the Zeus and Dragoon weapon is now more common. Other robots less vulnerable to Tridents due to energy shields include the Carnage and Fujin.


The Carnage is an ambush/flanking bot due to its speed and built-in Ancile Shield.

It is very versatile, as it can ambush bots with Thunders or do a decent job at midrange. It can protect itself and other robots against missiles (especially in midrange shootouts), and its speed allows it to roam the field, meaning that it will always be in optimal firing range. The Carnage is one of the WP robots commonly seen in high tiers, the other being the rhino.

The Thunder Carnage is the most popular carnage setup as well as a great knife-fighter in Dead City, Power Plant and the alleys of Shenzhen where it can close with cover, however, on the other maps the Thunder Carnage is situational at best and useless at the worst , but with the thunder nerf the build became less effective . The another popular build is a midrange Trident or Zeus Carnage, which works both as midrange, area control robot and can function as an anti-midrange bot, capable of taking out Trident Furies. Zeus has the advantage over ancile shields, while Tridents are better against robots with physical shields e.g Lancelot.


Most Fujin builds are situational, doing well in some situations while being much less effective in others. Fujins have a weakness in that they are relatively slow and don't have a lot of hitpoints outside sentry mode, making them very vulnerable to commonplace Plasma/Energy builds. Their main strength is their protection against physical weapons, most notably rockets because of the popular DB setups, due to the built in Ancile that activates upon their immobilising sentry mode. They can guard a beacon and withstand death buttons relatively well using the energy shield activated by engaging sentry mode if their opponents are low on plasma weapons, while taking the enemy down with close range weapons like Orkans and Tarans.

A Hydra Fujin can rack up decent damage from 600m away while hiding in cover, and a Molot Fujin is a viable Anti-Midrange weapon. A Taran Fujin also has a very high damage output, making it an interesting alternative to a Magnum/Taran Griffin. Some players run Orkan Fujins, but they suffer somewhat from the lack of mobility (compared to the popular death button Griffin), and opponents can just sit back at 300m+ and take them out with Plasma. However, at ranges under 300 metres, especially on small maps such as Dead City, the Orkan Fujin is a significant threat and is not to be underestimated.

Fujin is also a great midrange splash (Tulumbas\Pin\Trident) counter, and to fulfil this role best should be equipped with 500+ range weaponry itself (Tulu\Molot\Hydra).

At certain times the Fujin can be a great help to is teammates because of the 134k shield can protect it for many attacks and also completely negates all damge of a RDB Griffin or TT Fury.

However, Fujin users and other players should be aware of the fact that one can walk through its energy shield while it is in Sentry Mode and can save one's ammunition to fire once one has reached point-blank range . It is a risky tactic, expect to receive lots of damage especially if aginst Taran and Orkan builds, but it essentially halves its health once you've succeeded. Do not try this in a slow robot or if you have low health.


The Stalker is a hit and run beacon capper. With the Stealth ability, it can play hide and seek, getting out of cover and peppering a heavy robot with Aphids, Pinatas or Magnums and retreating into cover when stealth runs out. Is a light robot not are much useful in higher leagues because is low health and other robot can do beacon capture better (rhino , kumiho). It is also the fastest bot in the game. While it takes some time to master the playstyle, some expert players do love to use their Stalkers.

Many playes don't use the Stalker as much now due to many reasons , including the buff to the rotating speed of the heavy robots, rendering the rotating tactics much less effective. The Stalker is also somewhat overshadowed by the Rogatka and Kumiho as a beacon capper, with less firepower (but cheaper). Nevertheless, it maintains its advantages whilst in Stealth Mode.


The Rhino is an effective power runner, although the introduction of other fast shielded bots has broken its prior monopoly. In addition, most players prefer the Galahad when comparing plasma setups. However, the Rhino still has a lot of fans, especially in lower leagues. It takes a lot of practice to use, and everybody has a unique style for it that works best for them. Buy 1, no more than that unless you are extremely good with it.

The recommended setups are Taran Magnum, Orkan Pinata, and Orkan Magnum. Like other shielded bots, they are vulnerable to rockets. If using the builds above, one should be especially aware of RDB (Tulumbas and Pin) and Trident builds, as they can do substantial damage to a Rhino pilot at 500-600 metre ranges respectively, basically out of your reach. However, one could rapidly close in on enemies with those builds in Assault Mode, before opening fire on them with better DPM weapons.

It is also a very good beacon capturer because of the 60 km/h speed while are in assault mode and a good offensive robot. In beacon rush, Rhinos are very useful, as they can quickly capture beacons for teammates to then spawn on, whilst having enough health and firepower to inflict significant damage on enemy robots to hold them off. However, the Rhino is prone to being flanked when in Assault Mode, as it can only turn around very slowly. Despite this, Rhino users can still deactivate their ability and open fire on you withina few seconds, so one must still be wary of this robot's significant firepower.

Trebuchet (1,100m)

Trebuchets are long-range weapons with comparably low DPM. They work best in pairs (Trebuchet Natasha) or triples (Trebuchet Fury). The most powerful build is a Trebuchet Butch that has effectively 4 active Trebuchets. Trebuchets were considered ineffective for a long time, but with the shift to midrange and Anciles, Trebuchets have become more popular in early 2017. Now, they can serve as a decent counter to midrange and can damage ancile bots. It is of no use against shield bots, though, so bring too many trebuchets to the fight is not recommended.

Many players don't like Trebuchets though as Sniping in general is a situational tactic. Trebuchets can really hurt on light robots, but they aren't as effective against robots like the Lancelot or Rhino. The most important objective in this game is beacon capturing and holding, which the Trebuchet does not directly help with. Sniping is also frowned upon as most snipers will continue to snipe in situations where it is far more necessary to wrestle beacons from opponents, often losing the game due to inactivity.

A Trebuchet can be considered a plasma version of the Nashorn or Kang Dae, sacrificing a bit of power for higher burst (significantly more damage per shot but full reload time of 23s) and bypassing energy shields.


Performs much like the Spiral, but with almost twice the damage and a bit better flight path intelligence. Hydras allow one to do constant damage from 600m and it is very hard to hide from them, as they can fly around many buildings. However, their low damage makes them situational, and do not enough damage to take out opponents if threatened.

Popular builds are Hydra Spiral Griffin (decent on the big roof in Shenzhen, where it can fire at any robot in the middle while staying out of sight) or the Hydra Fujin.

Hydras are considered as very low priority acquisitions, as their role is already mostly filled by the cheaper Spirals.


The Raijin looks similarly to the Fujin, but has different attributes; such as higher health, Bastion mode which deploys 2 × front-mounted shields and increase the damge of the weapon by 30% and 2 × heavy hardpoints (instead of 3 × medium hardpoints), performing well if it can use its physical shield and keep its distance, but still somewhat vulnerable to rockets. Difficult to use (similar to the Rhino), this robot is unpopular with many players, but those who use it well are usually greatly rewarded (e.g high damage).

Generally used for long-range or mid-range when equipped with dual Zeus, Tridents or Trebuchets. Also it is a good counter against Zeus Natashas and Zeus Furys , with the physical shields and damage increase in Bastion Mode. It can easily kill or force retreat upon any camper without rockets. Thunder builds are less effective due to the slow speed (though somewhat compensated by the large health pool), but in Beacon Rush (due to the instant spawn on the beacon) the build is more effective, as one can Bastion and start firing at point-blank range. The Raijin can also reach otherwise inaccessible positions that are good for sniping due to its ability to climb. The Raijin, along with the Natasha, is generally used in the lower leagues (e.g Silver and Gold) as an affordable alternative to the Fury with similar firepower. With the recent addition of the Dragoon and Redeemer weapons, the Raijin can also now be more effective as a mid-ranger or brawler.