…Heavy hardpoint is situated at the side which allows for uninterrupted fire from cover… – in-game description


The Vityaz is a Medium Robot with 1 × Heavy and 2 × Light hardpoints.

A highly versatile and balanced robot, the Vityaz is suitable for both beginner and intermediate players and capable of being equipped to function well at any range.

With its two light weapons, the Vityaz has less firepower than the Golem but somewhat makes up for the lack of a medium hardpoint with increased durability. Among the medium robots, the Vityaz is second only to the Boa in terms of hit points.

The elevated position of the heavy hardpoint on its right shoulder above one of the light hardpoints also allows the Vityaz to lay down effective fire even while the left side of its hull remains in cover.

Update History


HP increased by 10%


HP increased

Recommended builds

The ability to mount a Thunder and two other close-range weapons like Aphids, Pinatas or Magnums can make the Vityaz powerful close-range fighter, especially since its respectable speed allows it to rapidly close distances with enemy robots.

At medium range the Zeus and the Trident can be combined with other light close-to-mid-range weapons such as Spirals and Pins to be formidable. A Vityaz armed with an Kang Dae, Nashorn or Trebuchet and two Gekkos can act as a long range sniper or support robot. 


  • The Vityaz is possibly the most iconic and recognisable robot in the game, being present on the logo and most of the advertisements.  
  • The name Vityaz means "Knight" in Russian.  
  • Since update 0.9.0, the Vityaz has been upgraded in both speed and armor points, making it a very potent close combat fighter or essentially an altered version of the Boa.
  • There are two visible "52" markings on Vityaz's "bottom" and left shoulder. Also it has marking of Russia's airborne forces emblem near "head", thus making it possible that design is loosely based on Kamov KA-52 airborne helicopter.
  • Every RUS bot so far was based on some kind of aircraft.
  • In a previous logo of War Robots, the Vityaz was seen with two punishers and a nashorn.

Vityaz Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 500,000 85,000 32
2 40,00090,00033 20 minutes
370,00096,0003410 hours
4120,000102,0003614 hours
5200,000109,0003717 hours
6400,000116,0003818 hours
7700,000123,0003919 hours
81,000,000131,0004121 hours
92,000,000139,0004222 hours
104,000,000148,000421 day
118,000,000157,000421 day 1 hour
1215,000,000167,000421 day 7 hours
Total32,030,000167,000428 days 9 hours 20 minutes

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