First it starts with every one on the other side of the map and no beacons captured the first part is grab the beacons you need a quick robot grab them I personally rush the center beacon and stall until the "melees" come in so the center beacon is being guarded the next stage is probably best to bring out a FEW snipers one or two is enough (sadly people spam these and end up with four of them and the light robots clean them) Don't forget the "melees" so you can take out enemies and someone need to keep using lighter robots so they can grab stolen beacons or even steal other beacons to make the match quickly end RECAP: phase one quick robots only to grab as much beacons as possible. Phase two: backup phase one with close range robots. Phase three: one/two snipers for support a light robot to reclaim beacons and close range robots to do the dirty work.