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    Well blogs last longer than threads. Personally I think this game gets somewhat repetitive so why not add a different game mode like capture the plans, where this time we have a line of bots built for speed, with various methods of movement. Also some weapons that are much weaker than normal ones. Your goal is to travel to an enemy beacon "capture the plans" and head back to a beacon already captured. (24 people on a server 12 ctp and 12 doing control) if your playing control, you can't target people doing ctp nor can they damage you.

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    Dark Mind

    March 17, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    I have an insult floating around in my head. The insult of insults. It eats away at my sanity every time I think about it, theoretically, it'll damage anyone who hears it. Who knows what psychological harm it can do with enough power behind it. I hope no one will need to hear what repeatedly goes on in my mind.

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    MC Creepypasta

    March 13, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    Name: Not decided yet

    Behavior: Somewhat like AlongCameJosh's herobrine aside from crashing the game (I still see that guy as a jerk) this entity usally messes with sound


    1 plays a random distorted sound

    2 breaking his sign will cause it to play every sound in minecraft at full volume

    3 it constantly emits a high pitched sound gets louder the closer he is. Sounds like a flash bang.

    4 causes your screen to static abit if you are near it

    5 spawns ghasts

    6 PC exclusive, fires a fireball with no change in radius but an explosion power of 300 (this causes large cracks to appear)

    7 3x3x3 cubes of TNT

    Appearance: not decided yet

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    Advanced Natasha

    January 30, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    If you don't know advanced is an update idea of mine where you do a challenge and upgrade a bot putting it back to level one but better


    Kill another Natasha while you use two thunders

    Basic upgrades

    Double armor

    Double speed


    Cannot aim at enemy untill at 600m

    Passive ability:

    Sky Snipe, a minute into the match and every minute afterwords it fires a beam five seconds later it seeks out the slowest enemy to hit (it does not aim at rhinos) the damage depends on target speed it ignores sheilds and moves at instant speeds

    0 speed= 100% of max HP (this might kill hackers too!)

    30 or less= 70% of max hp

    40 or less= 50% of max hp

    41 or more= 10% of max hp

    60 or more= 3% of max hp

    Active ability:


    Jumps as high as Cossack

    Cooldown as long as Rog…

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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    Advanced destrier

    January 27, 2016 by TheBedrockEmerald

    Advanced is an update Idea that I have once you hit level thirty you can advance a level 12 robot but it will go back to level one. Remember there is a mini challenge you need to do to advance a bot

    Destrier How to do advance, defeat a stalker with pins only

    5%armor increase

    +5 max speed

    The ability "Scout down"

    It goes in phases and they combine getting progressively scarier

    P1 for five seconds it shoots 10% faster

    P2 For five seconds it shoots an additional 5% faster and moves 10 faster

    P3 for 20 seconds it ignores the need to reload

    P4 Pilot ejects as the destrier explodes any thing caught in the explosion will take 80,000 damage

    Yet again once you use this you loose your bot or possibly die before you can get to phase 3 we all know the piñata wo…

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