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    My Premium Ended

    January 13, 2016 by Alfred cloutier

    Premium ended for me a couple of days ago, and I am finding myself in a swirl of negative silver battle outcomes. I've built up my robots to a level where I'm regularly battling Rogatkas, Stalkers, Carnages, and Rhinos, with high-level weapons. With Premium, I was able to kind of build enough silver to keep up with upgrades and Workshop Points. Now, I'm barely keeping up with the negative silver balances at the end of losses. 

    I shouldn't be getting so many losses (I should be better at the game, and winning more), but I'm not. I now feel I need premium in order to keep up my "finances" in the game. Or, shell out a couple bucks to bump up some of my equipment. You know, buy a Rogatka or a Zeus or two. I'm not against buying equipment in the…

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  • Alfred cloutier

    Recently I wrote a blog post on in-app purchases, and I sort of alluded to the fact that in-app purchases create an unresolvable inequality in the game. A number of readers responded, espousing the idea that you don't need to spend money on this game. It almost sounded like a few readers where saying it would hurt you if you spent money on in-app purchases. If the game designers did their job well, then these opinions can be nothing but absurd. If the game designers are offering something for you to buy, then there should be a compelling reason for you to buy it. 

    "If someone who knew how to play this game, not a rookie, was given £76 for 14000, make that £156 for 28000 gold, let's be generous...they would still get wiped all o…
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    In-app purchases

    December 17, 2015 by Alfred cloutier

    Walking War Robots is an "in-app" purchase game, which means the cost to the user is spread out among in-game choices that cost real money. In Walking War Robots (WWR), you would be spending real money for in-game "Gold" or "Au" (which is the chemical symbol for gold).  I know most of you know this already, but just in case a random person is cruising through here, they might appreciate the explanation.

    The in-app purchase system creates a couple of situations:

    1. If you are patient, and play a *lot*, you don't have to spend any real money on this game.
    2. If you do choose to spend money, you will spend more money the less "smart" you are.
    3. If you have enough money, you can bypass a good portion of the "building" phase of the game, and skip right to …
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    Intro to WWR Blog

    December 17, 2015 by Alfred cloutier

    My WWR account is currently at level 23, and my robots are between level 1-3. I've been upgrading my weapons before upgrading my robots because I like powerful weapons, and I don't care about hit points. 

    That said, for this blog, I'd like to write about the following topics in this and / or future blog posts:

    • In-app purchases force an in-game inequality that can never be resolved, until you get to the highest level.
    • You are never really playing this game until you reach the highest levels.
    • Critiques of articles and opinions on the Walking War Robots Wikia.
    • Discussion of tactics for each map and weapon / robot structure.
    • Etc.. anything else that relates to this game for as long as I'm interested in playing. 


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