Trying my lower tier stable of mechs to gauge Haiel's suggested calcs

Cossack1/Molot8 Golem1/Punisher4,Punisher T4,ECC Thunder5 Patton1/Spiral4 x 2,Punisher5 x 2 Vityaz1/Kang Dae5,Spiral4 x 2

So far, after 3 matches, I've seen mainly light and med mechs. There was one Griffin but he was so weak that he wasn't able to do "too" much damage to my Cossack as I was running around claiming beacons

So far, it plays out as a lower tier match up, as the mechs aren't as upgraded, as far as I can barely tell, and the skill level is much lower. This I can tell, as it is nice to see people actually miss me with a barrage of Piñata rockets.

Good gold farming thus far, 10-20 a match for 3 matches in a row

Silver is a bit low, as one would expect.

To be continued...