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What NOT to do.

Weapons to invest in

There are a list of weapons that you can buy and keep updating/using for the whole game; most of them are useful in top level battles.

If you are on a budget/free player, keep clear of “EXPENSIVE” weapons, because they are not best "bang for bucks" available, and you can still have great game without buying it.

Short range (0-350 meters):

Medium range (400-600 meters):

Long range (700-1100 meters):


Level-independent strategy

  • Getting a 2nd, 3rd slot and 4th slot has priority over any robot/weapon purchases. Get them as soon as possible. Don’t waste gold on anything (weapons/robot/upgrades/paintjobs) until you have 4 slots.
  • Do not buy paintjobs, WP, upgrade speedups ever.
  • Don’t waste too much upgrade time on robots or weapons that you won’t use later in the game (Destrier, Gepard, Kang Dae).
  • Try to understand gameplay rules that favors you the most – is it a knife-fight (less than 400 meters), support-fight (400-800 meters), sniper (800+ meters) or a beacon run. Use appropriate bots for appropriate tasks. Do not get into a knife fight in a Cossack.
  • Do not mix different weapon ranges.
  • Know that weapon description in game often is misleading. Punishers are good for no further than 200 meters, and Molots are great in 300-700 meter range.
  • Complete daily tasks that gives you 60 to 80 gold per day.
  • Do NOT complete daily tasks for WP; change it using FREE replacement points to get Gold tasks.

Phase 1: Starting out

At the start you have very limited weapons. This phase covers the time until you reach level 7, which gives you the Pinata.

  • Get a second slot and a Molot Mk2 or Punisher Mk2 Cossack as soon as possible.
  • Upgrade robots and weapons to level 3. Keep robot and weapon levels roughly even.
  • Upgrade robots and weapons to level 4.

Phase 2: Settling in

Level 7 allows you to purchase the Pinata, one of the best silver weapons in the game. Level 11 adds the Thunder, another must-have. Try to switch to a medium hangar here.

  • Get a 4th slot as soon as possible.
  • Get a 4 x Pinata Patton (level 7)
  • Get a Thunder/Punisher Boa (level 11)
  • You might try putting Tulumbas on the Cossack.
  • Run Patton/Boa/Cossack as primary hangar.
  • Now you can try using Vityaz\Golem\another Thunder Boa if you have a 4th slot.
  • Upgrade robots to level 5.
  • Upgrade weapons to level 6.
  • Upgrade robots to level 6.

Phase 3: Advanced weapons and heavy robots

At level 20 you get access to workshop points, and some of the best weapons in the game. Also heavy robots become available starting at level 14.

  • You should definitely have 4th slot; save up Gold for 5th slot.
  • Get a Thunder/Pinata Leo.
  • Get a Pin/Tulumbas Griffin. (Alternative is an all-Molot Griffins, with the Molots you got in Phase 1, maybe get one of each)
  • Get a Pinata/Punisher Mk2 Griffin, or another Thunder/Pinata Leo.
  • Run 3 heavy robots and a light beacon capper (Cossack).
  • First workshop buys are 2 × Magnum and 2 × Taran, put them on a Griffin.

Hangar should be Molots Griffin/Plasma Griffin/Pin+Tulum Griffin/Thunder+Pinata Leo/Tulumbas Cossack.

  • Upgrade weapons and robots to level 6.
  • Keep upgrading Robots\Weapons, keeping in mind that level 9 bots are the fastest. You do not need robots higher than level 9 until higher leagues (Diamond\Expert\Master for iOS; if you play on Android – then you need to upgrade faster)

Phase 4: Play with the big boys

  • 5th hangar slot is priority. After that, you can add Orkans, Aphids, Ancile, Zeus, Rogatka, Britbots, Fury – everything you want to have.
  • Try upgrading robots and weapons evenly.
  • Aim for a balanced hangar: 1-2 Plasma robots (Magnum/Taran Griffin\Rhino\Galahad\Lancelot\Rogatka), 1-2 Splash short range robots (Pinata/Orkan Griffin\Rhino\Lancelot\Galahad\Rogatka), 1 mid or long range (Tulum/Pin Griffin or Trident/Pin Natasha/Fury for midrange; Trebuchet/Molot Natasha/Fury for long range). Alternatively, you can get Support bot (Trident\Zeus\Thunder Carnage) and a beacon runner (Plasma Gareth\Stalker).
  • Weapons over robots for WP and gold purchases. For Gold, get at least 2 Orkans and 2 Aphids before buying a Galahad. For WPs, get at least 3 Tarans and 4 Magnums before buying Tridents and a Carnage.

From there on out, it’s personal preference.

Also see Strayed’s Gold purchase guide, the WP purchase guide, and recommended bot setups.

The following information is no longer usable currently due to Pixonic altering the tier boundaries; we hope to make this page serviceable again in the near future. In the meantime, Thread:55850 has some useful insights not yet listed here.


General Advice

The level of the opponents players face is determined by the level of the weapons and robots they have active in their hangar when entering a battle. The current matchmaking system does not seem to use an average of the players active hangar, but rather to use the highest level robot and the highest level weapon to calculate which opponents the player will face. Because of this, players should aim to keep their hangar as evenly balanced as possible as having just one robot (or weapon) at a significantly higher level will significantly increase their chance of facing opponents well above their average level.

It is also recommended that players keep their weapons a few levels higher than the level of their robots.

Tiers (a disclaimer)

Tiers may, or may not actually exist. Exactly how the matching system of War Robots works is a well guarded secret. Pixonic can and do make changes to how the matchmaking system works without any notice. There is no set KNOWN conditions for getting in specific tiers.

Tiers is merely a descriptive term we use to separate the more obvious boundaries in the matchmaking system. These calculations were done by a careful analysis of what players were matched against when using a variety of hangar setups. They are only an estimation.


There are currently 3 main Tiers (Bronze, Silver and Gold) used by the games matchmaker system to group players. Players are placed into one of these tiers according to the level of both robots and weapons in their hangar. Robots and weapons you own, but that are not currently in a hangar slot are not included in this calculation. This tier system allows some segregation so that players are more evenly matched.

Players should be aware that a Tier will contain both opponents that are just high enough to be in that tier, and opponents that are almost ready to move into the next tier. Many new players are surprised at the scope of the variability of opponent levels they will face in each tier. Players should be prepared to be the little fish in the big pond each time they move into a new tier. It should also be noted that players will not be able to participate at the Yamantau map until they reach the Silver Tier.

After much research this is the current advice on upgrading as you progress through the game. You can follow these tips So as to progress through each tier gradually. But remember, this is only an estimation and may change at any time.

Rookie Tier

This tier is exclusively for new players when they first start the game. Once players reach level 4 they will move to bronze.

Bronze Tier

Robots should not be upgraded beyond level 2.

Light Bots:

Medium Bots:

  • Vityaz – 2x level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Golem – 2x level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Gl. Patton – 2x level 6 and 2x level 7 weapons
  • Boa – one level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Carnage – one level 6 and one level 7 weapons
  • Rogatka – one level 6 and one level 7 weapons

Heavy Bots:

  • Rhino (must be level 1) – combination of the 4 weapons is 19 max (eg. 5/5/5/4, 4/4/5/6)

Silver Tier

This section needs work. It is either incomplete, outdated or incorrect.

After that you will enter in SILVER tier, you can follow these steps for upgrading (better not to use heavy bots yet).

  • Upgrade your level 2 bots a little (to level 4) as your weapons will be at level 6-8
  • Upgrade your weapons to level 8 
  • Upgrade your bots to level 5
  • Upgrade your weapons to level 9
  • Upgrade your bots to level 6 all first, then to level 7, first light robots if you are still using any of them.

To stay in silver, level 6 non-heavy bots can have level 9 weapons and level 7 non-heavy bots can have level 8 weapons.

Gold Tier

This section needs work. It is either incomplete, outdated or incorrect.

Here you will be entering at GOLD TOP.

  • Upgrade your weapons to level 10
  • Upgrade your bots to level 9, meanwhile you can upgrade some weapon/s to level 11, even max them, if you feel you need to.
  • Max your weapons to level 12, at the same time you can upgrade some bot/s to level 10.
  • Max all your bots to level 12.

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