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Newest update

Update 3.3.0

Date: 2017-10-18 Android

What’s new

  • Game:
    • Team Deathmatch: Game Mode without beacons (Note: This feature is only available temporarily at first)
    • Hangar changes: Halloween theme (lasts until November 13th)
    • Halloween event: Beginning on the 26th of October, players will gain extra gold from battles
  • Weapons:
    • New weapon: Shocktrain: Hit multiple robots at once!
    • Weapon renaming: The Molot and Punisher Mk2s got their "T" back for its medium variants due to item promotion resulting in Punisher/Molot Mk2 Mk2
    • Item enhancement: Allows for "Mk2" versions for robots.
  • Bots:
    • Components: Now available for purchase in the "Offers" section using Gold or WP
    • Item enhancement: Allows for "Mk2" versions for robots.
    • Paint Job: Rogatka, Leo, Galahad, Natasha and Raijin each receive a new paintjob

Update 3.2.0

Date: 2017-10-03 iOS

What’s new

  • Game:
    • Custom Games (available from level 10): now you can challenge other players to run 1vs1 or train with your clanmates! ATTENTION! This feature will be enabled a few days after the update — follow the news!
    • Components: collect them and exchange for new items!
    • Black Market changes: Components added, items with a small drop chance removed
    • ATTENTION! From now on all balance changes will be announced in the in-game News.
  • Weapons:

Update 3.2.0

Date: 2017-09-27 Android

What’s new

  • Game:
    • Custom Games (available from level 10): now you can challenge other players to run 1vs1 or train with your clanmates! ATTENTION! This feature will be enabled a few days after the update — follow the news!
    • Components: collect them and exchange for new items!
    • Black Market changes: Components added, items with a small drop chance removed
    • ATTENTION! From now on all balance changes will be announced in the in-game News.
  • Weapons:

Update 3.1

Date: 2017-08-28 Android

What’s new

  • Game:
    • New map: Valley
    • Black Market: here you can roll anything for your hangar!
    • Kinetic weapons deal double damage to physical shields
  • UI improvements:
    • Faster lock on target - it takes half the time to change target than before;
    • Movement pad doesn't support multitouch - same as before

  • Weapons:

Update 3.0.1

Date: 2017-07-20 iOS

What’s new

  • Game:
    • New mode - Beacon Rush - you can spawn your bot at any captured beacon.
    • New UI - Fancy shining faded colors, bigger buttons.
    • Torso turn rate of robots speeded up.
  • Weapons:
    • Kang Dae got +10% damage
    • Nashorn got +5% damage
    • Ecu levels 1 - 9 durability increase. Levels 10+ remains the same.
    • Zenit Reload time changed 22s -> 15s, minimum range 500m -> 300m

Update 2.9.3

Date: 2017-07-20 iOS

What’s new

Update 2.9.1

Date: 2017-07-04 iOS

What’s new

  • Summer event!
    • Independence day Event - you can win a LOT of prizes, silver, and open chests! For more details see corresponding WIKI page.
  • Weapons:
    • Tempest now available for Event tokens! Also two Tempests could be won in the event. For more details see corresponding WIKI page.
    • Zeus fixed bug with damage not being registered

Update 2.9.0

Date: 2017-06-01 iOS

What’s new

  • Weapon Rebalance:
    • Punisher and Punisher Mk2 heavily rebalanced - decrease in fire speed, increase in damage, upgrade numbers distribution changed through levels. For more details see corresponding WIKI page.
    • Molot and Molot Mk2 fire rate decreased.
    • Gekko was heavily buffed: Damage, firerate and clip size increased, reload time decreased.
    • Orkan Fire rate decreased (10 -> 8.3), damage increased. For more details see corresponding WIKI page.
    • Pin and Tulumbas got increase in damage and "reloads while firing" mechanics introduced. Heavy buff indeed. Also they are using different rockets now, with 1 Pin rocket is slightly more powerful than 1 Tulumbas rocket.
    • Pinata heavy rebalance. Damage dropped, 1 more shot in clip added, RPS decreased 10 -> 8.3, new "reloads while firing" mechanism added.
  • Weapon redesign:
    • New models for the following: Gekko, Pin, Tulumbas, Pinata.
  • Leagues:
    • Leagues points distribution changed once again. Now the top 2 damage dealers on the losing team get points, too. Also, beacon capping is now rewarded with a point.
  • New currency:
    • Influence Points added as a new currency. And "Dream squad" daily tasks added as a mean to earn it. More details in the corresponding WIKI page.
  • Offers:
    • Every day some weapons\bots\resources\packages are on the "sale". However while some items got really sweet price, other items are actually overpriced. Highly controversial sales. The best deals are resources Silver or Gold) sold in bulks.

Update 2.8.0

Date: 2017-04-18 Android – 2017-04-25 iOS

What’s new

War Robots 3rd Anniversary Event! Starts on April 28th.

  • Bot Rebalance
    • Rogatka gets major buffs to speed (from 48 to 60 km\h) and durability (from 135K to 150K HP), Jump cooldown also reduced (from 10 to 7s)!
  • Bot Redesign
  • New Map - Moon

Update 2.7.0

Date: ? Android – 2017-03-27 iOS

What’s new

Map rebalance:

  • Shenzhen: spawn points location adjusted;
  • Yamantau: beacons A and D locations adjusted; cover size increased on one of the bridges;
  • Springfield: two spawn points removed, one spawn point location adjusted;

New Paintjobs:

What else:

  • Activity points are updated weekly now;
  • New ambient sounds on all maps;
  • Minor bug fixes

Update 2.6.2

Date: ? Android – 2017-02-28 iOS

What’s new


  • Receive rating points and enter more prestigious Leagues;
  • Fight with pilots of the same league;
  • Take challenges and prove your skills;
  • Enter the League of Champions and become a legend!
  • Missions (do not mix with daily tasks!) are replaced with Leagues;


  • Get most recent WR news right in the game!

What else

  • Bug causing energy shields (Ancile, Carnage, Fujin) to receive double damage is fixed
  • Energy shield regeneration (AncileCarnageFujin) decreased to 3%. Also, now needs 20% instead of 10% in order to reactivate when eliminated
  • Damage increase rate (when upgrading weapons) per level is now equal for all weapons;
  • Minor bug fixes

Update 2.5

Date: 2017-01-19 Android – 2017-01-26 iOS

What’s new

Lunar New Year event, Jan 27th – Feb 12th

  • Battle to collect Coins. Open bigger chests for better prizes
  • Fill the event progress bar to win a guaranteed valuable item
  • Butch, Doc and Jesse robots available for Coins

Balance improvements:

What else:

Update 2.4.1

Date: ? Android – 2016-12-21 iOS

What’s new

This event's description is the same as 2.4.0

Most probably some bug fixes that players should not know about.

Update 2.4.0

Date: ? Android – 2016-12-16 iOS

What’s new

  • Christmas event, Dec 20th - Jan 5th
  • Fight battles to collect special Snowflakes and use them to open chests with valuable prizes
  • Fill the event progress bar to win a guaranteed gold item
  • Give Snowflakes to your clanmates

New three-robot pack: Wild West

Each robot is equipped with a new ability: Quick Draw.

Note: robots can only be purchased with Snowflakes during the Christmas event

What else:

  • Added new paintjobs for Gepard, Boa, Rhino, Lancelot
  • Enabled Facebook sharing on the following screens: post-combat, player profile, 3D view
  • Fixed description for several long-range weapons
  • Minor bug fixes

Update 2.3

Date: 2016-11-21

What’s new

  1. Added support for Apple Watch (iOS only)
  2. From now on, players will be able to keep all of the paint jobs they have purchased forever (including those purchased earlier)
  3. Minor bug fixes

Update 2.2

Date: 2016-10-21 Android – 2016-10-26 iOS

What’s new

  1. Halloween event: October 28th-7th
    1. Fight battles to collect event currency and open chests with valuable prizes OR donate it to your clan to open extra clan member slots
    2. Beware of robot ghosts on the battlefield, don’t let them mislead you
  1. What else
    1. Paintjobs: the new feature allows you to give a fresh look to your good old robots. Disclaimer: paintjobs become available on October 28th and can currently be used for a limited period of time.
    2. Minor bug fixes (Android only)
      1. Improved Squad Battle feature (iOS only)
      2. Added Squad Chat (iOS only)
      3. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements (iOS only)

Update 2.1

Date: 2016-10-14 (Android)

What’s new

  1. Squad system improvements:
    1. squad doesn't disband after the battle
    2. squad management (ability to transfer leadership and exclude members)
    3. upgraded interface
  2. Squad Chat added

Update 2.0.2

Date: 2016-10-03 (iOS)

What’s new

  1. Fixed the targeting input lag issue
  2. Minor bug fixes

Update 2.0.1

Date: 2016-10-03 (iOS)

What’s new

  1. Improved targeting system and sensitivity settings added to battle menu
  2. New Fury design
  3. New Destrier design
  4. Selling weapons and robots now only requires a fully equipped hangar

Update 2.0

Date: 2016-09-22 (Android)

What’s new

  1. Improved targeting system and sensitivity settings added to battle menu
  2. New Fury design
  3. New Destrier design
  4. Selling weapons and robots now only requires a fully equipped hangar
  5. Fixed sound issue with push notifications

Update 1.9

Date: 2016-08-23 Android – 2016-09-01 iOS

What’s new

  1. Resolved an issue causing some robots to become immune to damage or invisible.
  2. Gareth, Galahad and Raijin no longer have difficulties firing while under the cover of their shields.
  3. Hydra shot interval reduced by 60% thus increasing firing speed significantly.
  4. Fixed Fujin getting stuck at several spots on Yamantau map.
  5. Improved game performance.
  6. Minor fixes

Update 1.8

Date: 2016-08-03

What’s new

  1. Introduced ‘Britbot’ robot pack:
  2. Light robot Gareth
  3. Medium robot Galahad
  4. Heavy robot Lancelot

Update 1.7.1

Date: 2016-07-20 Android – 2016-07-26 iOS

What’s new

  1. Long-anticipated feature of selling weapons and robots
  2. New sound effects in the hangar
  3. Minor bug fixes

Update 1.6.0

Date: 2016-06-29 Android

What’s new

  1. Updated Yamantau design
  2. Updated Golem Design
  3. Minor Bug Fixes
  4. Carnage ability cooldown reduced by 10 seconds
  5. Magnum firing speed decreased by 10%
  6. Nashorn speed of shells increased by 45%
  7. Fujin and Raijin special ability animation decreased to 2 and 3s respectively
  8. Speed Buffs to multiple medium and heavy bots

8.1 Medium bots:

Carnage top speed increased from 35 to 40

Gl. Patton top speed increased from 37 to 40

Fujin top speed increased from 37 to 40

Raijin top speed increased from 25 to 33

Golem top speed increased from 36 to 42

Vityaz top speed increased from 41 to 42

8.2 Heavy bots:

Leo top speed increased from 27 to 35

Natasha top speed increased from 19 to 27

Griffin top speed increased from 28 to 35

Fury top speed increased from 22 to 30

Update 1.5.0

Date: 2016-06-01 (Android)

What’s new

  1. New Power Plant map.
  2. New Player Profile feature
  3. Facebook friends are now available in squad battles after Hangar level 10.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

Update 1.4.1

Date: 2016-05-11 (Android)

What’s new

  1. New Gepard design.
  2. Hydra damage increased.
  3. Ancile Shield now penetrable from friendly fire, meaning friendly fire can go through without being blocked.
  4. Improved In-Game contact form.

Update 1.4.0

Date: 2016-04-19 (iOS)

What’s new

  1. New Robot type: Quadropods.
    1. Medium robot Fūjin.
    2. Heavy robot Raijin.
  2. Golem redesigned.
  3. Revised robot interaction physics.
  4. Minor fixes.

Update 1.4.0

Date: 2016-04-11 (Android)

What’s new

  1. Revised robot interaction physics.
  2. Fixed an issue where Back button did not respond.
  3. Updated icons in Hangar.
  4. Minor fixes.
  5. New version of the Golem.

Update 1.3.1

Date: 2016-03-03

What’s new

  1. New map: Canyon.
  2. Clan tags are now displayed in battle.
  3. New upgrade popups.
  4. Fixed an issue causing friend list to go blank.

Update 1.2.3

Date: 2016-02-10

What’s new

  1. Create your own clan, invite your friends, appoint officers and lead clan members to ever greater victories!
  2. Clan chat: discuss your tactics and strategy with clan members within the game.
  3. Clan gifts: send gifts to your clan members and receive bonuses.
  4. Clan tags: distinguish clan by their unique tags.

Other changes

  1. All players have received unique Pilot IDs making it easier to send clan invites. You can find your ID under Menu.
  2. Name length has been restricted to 16 characters.
  3. All players get 1 free rename opportunity.

Update 1.1

Date: 2015-11-17

What’s new

  1. New medium robot Carnage.
  2. New medium weapon Hydra.
  3. New heavy weapon Trident.
  4. Improved post-combat stats processing.
  5. Improved game performance in the Hangar.
  6. Taran: Unload time slightly increased.

Update 1.0.1

Date: 2015-10-05

What’s new

  1. Fixed an issue with frequent disconnects.
  2. Fixed an issue with bullet behavior.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Update 1.0

Date: 2015-09-21

What’s new

  1. New robots Stalker, Rhino.
  2. New weapons Magnum, Taran, Trebuchet.
  3. Workshop is now available in the hangar for players of level 20 and above. Here you can earn Workshop Points (WP) required to purchase next generation robots and weapons.
  4. Robot upgrade system revised. Each robot now has 12 upgrade levels. Stats of top level robots remain the same.
  5. Added tasks with WP rewards.
  6. Laid groundwork for the upcoming clan system.
  7. Fixed an error responsible for missing data on post-battle statistics screen.
  8. Fixed an error of special characters being displayed incorrectly on iOS 9.0.

Update 0.9.1

Date: 2015-07-27

What’s new

  • Additional improvements to the game balance.
  • Fixed the incorrect error message after connection drops.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Weapon changes

Due to the necessity of the additional improvements to the game balance the characteristics of some weapons have been reconsidered:

  1. Molot: accuracy increased by 11%.
  2. Punisher: accuracy increased by 14%.
  3. Molot Mk2: accuracy increased by 11%.
  4. Punisher Mk2: accuracy increased by 14%.
  5. Thunder: accuracy decreased by 29%.
  6. Zenit: damage increased by 30%.
  7. Gekko: damage decreased by 10%.
  8. Zeus: damage decreased by 9%.
  9. Noricum: area of damage decreased by 16,5%; blast radius of shells increased by 11%.
  10. Tulumbas: shooting speed increased by 50%, reloading time stayed the same.

Update 0.9.0

Date: 2015-07-10

What’s new

  1. New map Dead City.
  2. Daily tasks with Gold rewards.
  3. Gold rewards for the winning team reduced.
  4. Major changes to game balance.
  5. New user interface.
  6. New GameCenter achievements.
  7. 3D preview of robots.

Weapon changes

  • Damage and distance.

Previously, the damage from guns and lasers decreased at longer distances. Now these weapons deal the same damage regardless of the distance to the target.

  • Laser guns working principle.

The way Gekko and Zeus deal damage has changed. Now they deal maximum damage regardless of how many lasers are installed on a robot.

  • Aiming. Aiming distance increased to 1,100m for all robots.

Changes to the balance

  1. Thunder: Damage increased by 11.5%.
  2. Kang Dae: Damage decreased by 30%.
  3. Nashorn: Damage decreased by 20%.
  4. Molot: Damage decreased by 17.5%.
  5. Punisher: Damage decreased by 24.5%.
  6. Molot Mk2: Damage decreased by 36.5%.
  7. Punisher Mk2: Damage decreased by 36%.
  8. Zenit: Velocity of shells increased by 50%, minimum shooting range decreased from 600m to 500m.
  9. Noricum: Damage increased by 40%, Velocity of shells increased by 50%, maximum shooting range increased from 800m tо 900m.

Robot changes

Due to the global game rebalancing the following changes have been made to the robots:

  1. Schutze: Armor increased by 20%.
  2. Vityaz: Armor increased by 20%.
  3. Leo: Armor increased by 20%.
  4. Boa: Armor increased by 20%.

The main reason of these changes is the robots’ unusual set of hardpoints and the lack of efficiency comparing to other robots from the same category.

Daily tasks

Now you are able to complete daily tasks. The successful accomplishment of each task will bring you some Gold. The prize depends on the task’s difficulty level. Due to the new daily tasks the prizes have been changed for getting the following medals:

  • Medal of Valor 1st Class.
  • Medal of Valor 2st Class.
  • Medal of Valor 3st Class.
  • Medal of Capture.

New map – Dead City

The map was created on an improved game engine Unity 5. The new version helped us add new smoother graphics, make the game more realistic and reconsider some other visual aspects. A lot of attention was paid to the terrain features of the map. Recently we were receiving a lot of requests from you guys to make something less about capturing beacons and more about fighting. This led us to the creation of the first map oriented toward intense fighting.

So the main features of Dead City are:

— Medium size of the map, that allows you to choose from numerous maneuvers. — Symmetrical key points and beacons dislocations, providing you with plenty of strategies. — A varied landscape of the level. — Equal terms for weapons of any range: sniper perches and shelters where you can hide from snipers, reaching almost any part of the map unnoticed.

Update 0.8.7

Date: 2015-06-29

What’s new

  1. Missing players replaced with new ones automatically at the beginning of the battle.
  2. Improved game performance on Yamantau map.
  3. Improved game performance on Shenzhen map.
  4. New terrain models and textures on Yamantau and Shenzhen.
  5. Added language support for Thai and Indonesian.
  6. Minor bug fixes.

Update 0.8.6

Date: 2015-05-05

What’s new

  1. New heavy weapon Zenit.
  2. Improved matchmaking system.
  3. New sound effects for certain weapons, Kang Dae.
  4. New game music.
  5. Inventory loading times improved.

Update 0.8.5

Date: 2015-04-06

What’s new

  1. Game performance improved.

Update 0.8.4

Date: 2015-03-19

What’s new

  1. New heavy shield Ancile.
  2. Improved game performance on Springfield map.
  3. Leo: durability increased by 5%.
  4. Boa: durability increased by 10%.
  5. Schutze: speed increased by 10%.

Update 0.8.3

Date: 2015-02-28

What’s new

  1. Game stability improved.
  2. 'Lock on target' option in the settings.
  3. Changes to Yamantau to stop players getting stuck under the ramps.
  4. The map Springfield is back.
  5. Some minor fixes.

Update Minor Patch

Date: 2015-02-13

What’s new

Price of Aphid weapon changed from 250,000 Ag to 750 Au

Update 0.8.1

Date: 2015-02-12

What’s new

  1. Game optimisation.
  2. Game Center achievements.
  3. A new Golem robot (Requires player level 10).
  4. Increased number of player levels (Max 30).
  5. Increased speed of Vityaz (+10%).
  6. Increased durability of Boa (+10%).
  7. Robots in the shop are equipped with basic weapons now. You can still buy weapons separately and re-equip robots later on.

Update 0.8.0

Date: 2015-01-20

What’s new

  1. New heavy robot – Griffin.
  2. New map – Shenzhen.
  3. New heavy weapon – Zeus.
  4. A new weapon Tulumbas for Cossack, Boa, and Rogatka robots.
  5. A new interface for robot selection and player search.
  6. Characteristics of the weapons are changed.
  7. Punisher, damage is increased by 10%.
  8. Noricum, damage and cooldown is increased.
  9. Reduced reload time for the Orkan weapon.
  10. Improved jump for the Rogatka robot.
  11. Leo's strength is increased by 3%.
  12. Variety heating robots from laser weapons: the lighter is robot, the faster it heats up and cools down.
  13. Sequential breaking down of the legs.
  14. Breaking of the jump.
  15. Nicknames moderation is introduced. Nickname changes are for Gold.
  16. The ability to add to the medium hardpoint only a medium weapon (Exception: Shield)
  17. Spectator mode for battle.
  18. A pilot ejection animation after destruction of the robot.
  19. Ability to mute the sound in the settings.

The graphics engine has changed a lot in this version (in the shadows and aftereffects). The picture became much better on all devices.

Update 0.6.3

Date: 2014-11-11

What’s new

  1. New weapon Orkan for Cossack, Boa and Rogatka.
  2. Thunder now costs Silver.
  3. Productivity on slower devices is increased.
  4. Yamantau map is optimized.
  5. Destrier's speed at level 4 is increased by 10%.
  6. Cossack's speed at level 4 and 5 increased by 10%.
  7. Distance, with which damage falls from Punisher and Thunder is increased from 200 to 300 meters.

Update 0.6.2

Date: 2014-10-21

What’s new

  1. The map Springfield is improved: farm area is updated.
  2. The strength of all robots is increased.
  3. Spiral flight path is corrected.
  4. Aiming camera is corrected.

New features of the warehouse:

  1. The ability to take away robots with weapons into the warehouse.
  2. The ability to take away broken robots into the warehouse.

Interface is improved:

  1. Recommendation button of the purchase and improvement.
  2. Button for opening the slot in the Hangar, without obligatoriness to allocate slots.

Update 0.6.1

Date: 2014-09-06

What’s new

  1. New premium accounts. It gives you +50% of Gold and +50% experience for each fight.
  2. Warranty Repair is disabled for now. Warranty Repair that you have already bought wouldn’t disappear.
  3. New feature: “Auto Repair”. Damaged robots will be automatically repaired for Silver when “Auto Repair” is enabled.
  4. New robots: light Gepard, medium Rogatka, heavy Fury.
  5. Lowered chance of crash with robots that have 3 or fewer hardpoints.
  6. Gekko is available in the store.
  7. Tutorial for new pilots.
  8. Springfield Respawn: "Town vs Factory". Respawn point on factory is moved from point B.
  9. Game login speed is increased.
  10. Infinite boot during the first launch is fixed (appeared for some players).
  11. Infinite connection after tapping Play button is fixed.
  12. Upgrade error of the robots under repair is fixed.
  13. Other small bug fixes and optimization.
  14. Promo codes are disabled.
  15. Balance of weapons is changed.
  • Punisher, damage is increased by 10%.
  • Molot, damage is increased by 10%.
  • Noricum, blast radius is increased by 10%.
  • Thunder, accuracy of fire is increased by 15%.
  • Nashorn, rate of fire is increased by 10%.

Update 0.5.0

Date: 2014-08-23

What’s new

  1. Friendly fire damage is disabled.
  2. Improvements are displayed in Hangar.
  3. An option to buy a new improvement if the current improvement hasn’t been finished.
  4. The cost of warranty repair is increased.
  5. Some bugs of the map are fixed, i.e. it is not possible to get inside the buildings, bridges and other objects.
  6. Optimisation.

Update 0.4.1

Date: 2014-08-15

What’s new

  1. Warranty repairs are available at any time.
  2. Purchase and exchange of robots are united in one interface similar to the choice of weapons.

Bug fixes:

  1. Game crashes after leaving the combat or entering “Platoons” or “Missions” interfaces.
  2. Performance is increased.
  3. More accurate search of opponents.
  4. Now all robots damaged in fights need to be repaired.

Update 0.4.0

Date: 2014-08-06

What’s new

  1. More readable font.
  2. System of military operations(events). Instruction for this will be prepared and published shortly.
  3. New weapon. It will be rewarded for first places in the operations.
  4. Thunder can be purchased in the store for Gold, as there will be an extra step of entering the content (it has been promised and announced before).

Bug fixes:

  1. Robot freezing in texture when falling from any height.
  2. The jump of Cossack will depend only on deviation degree of the motion controller.
  3. Effects of shot will not disappear.
  4. Occasional freezing of the shooting button.

Update 0.3.0

Date: 2014-07-19

What’s new

  1. Now you can play with friends in a team (up to 6 people).
  2. New weapon named Thunder. It requires a heavy slot, its effectiveness is up to 300 meters, and maximal shooting distance is 500 meters.
  3. Promo codes that can be exchanged for Gold.

What’s fixed:

  1. Game Center is no longer obligatory for the usual game, however it is still required if you want to play with friends or to save your progress when you switch between devices.
  2. Sudden death when the internet connection is lost.
  3. The damage of Aphid at level 1 was erroneously understated. Now it will be 1168.
  4. The speed of robots will be shown now more accurately.


  1. Due to the speed revision, almost all robots were slightly modified. Changes of more than 3% are described below.
  2. Natasha, the maximum speed is reduced by 17%.
  3. Destrier, top speed increased by 6.5%.
  4. Destrier, speed growth rate of 10-15% at levels 1-2.
  5. Schutze, increased strength at all levels.
  6. Vityaz, increased strength at all levels.
  7. Spiral, trajectory corrections to approximate flight in version 0.2.0.
  8. Noricum, increased dead zone up to 400m.

Update 0.2.1

Date: 2014-06-27

What’s new

  1. New homing missile system for close combat(~300m) with high trajectory of approach, which allows you to attack enemies hiding behind the obstacles (especially the big ones). High-speed targets are pretty hard to hit, though.
  2. Prototypes of the enforced basic weapons: twin-turret Punisher Mk2 and twin-turret Molot Mk2. Both require a medium weapon slot (new weapon slot type).
  3. Cossack wields a medium weapon slot. Light and medium weapons can be equipped.
  4. New robot – Boa. Medium class. Faction – Germany. Slots: 1 heavy, 1 medium. Pretty hard to destroy (Gl. Patton-alike) and high speed.
  5. Several buildings on the location will receive an additional floor, which making it impossible to use them as Natasha sniper positions.
  6. And the last one. Now you can get 5,000 Silver for point capture. After update you will get 10 Gold for it.

Update 0.2.0

Date: 2014-06-02

What’s new

  1. Game Center cloud profile. You can transfer your progress to any device and re-install the game without risks to lose your progress.
  2. Auto-reconnect, if connection is lost there'll be fewer error messages.
  3. Battle rewards' details in a separate tab.
  4. New robot – Cossack. Class-light. Purpose – support (flank actions especially).
  5. "Repair finished" and "Upgrade finished" Notifications.
  6. Possibility of Gold into Silver direct conversion without buying an item.

What's fixed:

  1. Crash when receiving a message. Now you have 5 seconds to get back to the game.
  2. Correct display of warranty repairs for 30 days.
  3. Gl. Patton's 3rd slot now works properly and delivers full amount of damage.
  4. Minor bugs fixes.

Update 0.1.2

Date: 2014-05-12

What’s new

  1. Target capturing from 0.1.0 returned.
  2. Town vs Factory scheme was improved so that there’s no straight fire line between players' spawn points.
  3. Weapons' descriptions displayed correctly now.
  4. We continue working on the matchmaking.

Update 0.1.1

Date: 2014-05-05

What’s new

  1. We've added some new spawn points on current location.
  2. Warranty repair. After purchasing a new robot or upgrading an owned one player can repair the robot for free several times. Player can also spend Gold on a time-limited warranty pack.
  3. The factory zone has been optimized. All types of robots can walk through the factory.
  4. First victory of the day is rewarded with 50% more Silver.
  5. Aim jumping. Target capturing works better now with several targets close to each other.
  6. Text description of weapons was added.
  7. Max players 6 v 6.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fair and stable matchmaking.
  2. Fixed timers after minimizing the game.
  3. Correct match ending.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

Update 0.1.0

Date: 2014-04-15

What’s new

Game released.

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