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…High range makes this weapon convenient at medium distance, while large area of impact lets it damage opponents protected by Écu shield or a cover. Utilizes the same missiles as Pin but has a higher capacity. High reload time… – in-game description

Tulumbas (Medium Missile)

The Tulumbas uses the same missiles as the Pin, but contains 8 rounds vs the Pins 4. It does however have a longer reload time of 18 seconds. Being a missile type weapon it causes Splash damage to enemies behind cover.

Being a mid range weapon the Tulumbas is best used with other similarly ranged rockets such as the Pin and the Trident. By remaining behind cover or out of range of robots equiped with short range weapons, then only breaking cover long enough to fire off a salvo, before returning to cover is a common tactic.

Most commonly seen on Rhinos, Griffins, Golems and Fūjins.

Update History

The Tulumbas was released in the 20th January 2015 Update.


  • The S-13 Tulumbas is an unguided rocket used on fighter jets, It is usually fired in pairs, and is used for group targets to ensure a sure-fire hit. The S-25 shares the same feature.
  • Despite utilizing the same missles as the Pin, the Tulumbas's missles have a yellow/orange coloration, as opposed the red coloration of Pin missles.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 1323 435,000 3308 10584 499
6 1454 (+10%) 600,000 13 h 3635 11632 549
7 1598 (+10%) 540,000 24 h 3995 12784 603
8 1756 (+10%) 2,300,000 1 d 7 h 4390 14048 663
9 1930 (+10%) 4,500,000 1 d 14 h 4825 15440 728
10 2121 (+10%) 7,500,000 1 d 22 h 5303 16968 800
11 2329 (+10%) 12,000,000 2 d 12 h 5823 18632 879
12 2561 (+10%) 19,500,000 3 d 13 h 6403 20488 966

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