…Superheavy medium range weaponry. Large area of impact lets it damage opponents protected by Ecu shield or a cover… – in-game description


The Trident is a heavy missile (released in update 1.1) that functions similarly to the Pin. However, the Trident has a longer range of 600 meters and more than double the damage per salvo. It fires 3 missiles over 3.66 seconds and deals 6,850 damage per missile at level 12, for a total barrage damage of 20,550 per salvo.

The Trident is able to deliver incredible damage with the splash effect, allowing enemies with the Ecu shield or enemies hiding in cover to be damaged. This, coupled with its 600m range allows the Trident to be a good anti-shieldbot weapon. Because of this, it is popular in the higher leagues.

The missiles need to make contact with the enemy robot, or else they will continue to fly to their maximum distance.

Like the Magnum, Taran, Trebuchet and the Hydra, this weapon costs Workshop Points.


  • A trident is a three-pointed spear used as a weapon by Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas, likely from where the gun’s name was derived, due to it’s abitity to fire three rockets, like the three spear points of the Trident.
  • Pre update 2.5, the name prefix “HRS” stood for Heavy Rocket System.
  • While reloading, it is possible to see each of the 3 missiles being set into position on a revolver. When being fired, the revolver spins, with each missile being visibly shot out of the weapon.
  • The player needs 3,268,740 Silver and 14 days in order to gather enough WP to buy a Trident (using all six WP slots and no Gold to buy WP).
  • According to information on older page for WWR, back in the 2015 year there was a "propose your own weapon" event, and a "revolver-like missile weapon" won the event. After some period, the prototype for a Trident was born, but the initial model was scrapped. However, there is at least one picture of a developer working on early "revolver-like missile weapon" model. However, that might be just a coincidence, as Pixonic is known to scrap a lot of prototypes.

    Possible early Trident prototype

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 2430 7500 WP 1970 7290 532
2 2670 (+10%) 20k Ag 11 min 2165 8010 585
3 2930 (+10%) 40k 1 h 2376 8790 642
4 3220 (+10%) 80k 2 h 2611 9660 705
5 3540 (+10%) 400k 8 h 2870 10620 775
6 3890 (+10%) 800k 17 h 3154 11670 852
7 4275 (+10%) 1.6m 1 d 9 h 3466 12825 936
8 4697 (+10%) 3m 1 d 18 h 3808 14091 1029
9 5162 (+10%) 6m 2 d 2 h 4185 15486 1130
10 5672 (+10%) 10m 2 d 13 h 4599 17016 1242
11 6234 (+10%) 16m 3 d 11 h 5055 18702 1365
12 6850 (+10%) 26m 4 d 18 h 5554 20550 1500

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