…Trebuchet is an energy weapon. Super heavy long-range energy weapon that fires bolts of high-temperature plasma, accelerated to enormous speeds. Able to charge prior to firing thus increasing total damage by up to 20 times. Tremendous damage in a single shot and high projectile speed. Difficult to utilise at close range… – in-game description


The Trebuchet is a heavy weapon that fires massive bolts of plasma at long distances.

The figures displayed for damage are for a full 23 second charge. Two fully upgraded and charged Trebuchets can deal insane amount of damage at instant, making them strong against Carnages, Cossacks and Stalkers.

The Trebuchet charges up and fires its entire charge at once. It can be fired at any time during the charge period for reduced damage, but full charge takes 20 seconds plus a 3 second cool down.

The Trebuchet is a long range bombardment sniper that can hit targets from a very long range, great for knocking out light robots or chipping away health off medium or heavy robots as well as taking down robots with built in Anciles such as the Carnage or the Fujin, as it is an Energy Weapon.  

The Trebuchet can deliver a huge burst of damage when fully charged. It should be noted that the Nashorn has a higher DPM compared to the Trebuchet; however, due to recent Ancile fix, the Trebuchet became very useful on some maps like Yamantau, Canyon or Springfield again.  

However, the Trident is much more common to see amongst Furies\Carnages due to higher DPS and excellent anti-ECU splash damage.  


  • A Trebuchet is a type of catapult that uses a heavy counterweight to throw projectiles weighing up to 350 lbs.
  • When the Trebuchet’s three second reload time is over, the “barrel” of the weapon opens up into two pieces, indicating that it is ready to be fired. The longer one waits to fire, the greater the intensity of the light coming from the barrel, indicating the higher damage of the plasma bolt that will be fired.
  • Four menacing yellow glowing barrels could be seen very far in almost any map, and are very distinctive from any other long-range weaponry, serving as a warning for enemy pilots. Usually, if the light is dim, it is relatively safe to cross the opening on the map or to attack the enemy, due to low damage of not charged Trebuchet.
  • The trebuchet start charging at the moment player drops the bot, so it is possible to drop a bot early, allowing it to charge before the actual battle begins, allowing the pilot to fire instantly when the game starts dealing almost max damage if the bolt manages to hit the target when fired.
  • The player needs 3,268,740 Silver and 14 days in order to gather enough WP to buy a Trebuchet (using all six WP slots and no Gold to buy WP).

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 7000 7,500 WP 7000 7000 304
2 7600 (+9%) 20,000 11 minutes 7600 7600 330
3 8400 (+11%) 40,000 1 hours 8400 8400 365
4 9200 (+10%) 80,000 2h 9200 9200 400
5 10000 (+9%) 400,000 8h 10000 10000 435
6 11000 (+10%) 800,000 17h 11000 11000 478
7 12000 (+9%) 1,6 mln 1d 9h 12000 12000 522
8 13200 (+10%) 3 mln 1d 18h 13200 13200 574
9 14600 (+11%) 6 mln 2d 2h 14600 14600 635
10 16000 (+10%) 10 mln 2d 13h 16000 16000 696
11 17600 (+10%) 16 mln 3d 11h 17600 17600 765
12 19320 (+10%) 26 mln 4d 18h 19320 19320 840

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