… One of the most effective weapons at close range. What it lacks in accuracy it more than makes up in firepower.… – in-game description


The Thunder is a heavy kinetic weapon. It was released in in version 0.3.0.

This weapon is essentially a massive shotgun and is best used in close range combat. Despite a maximum range of 500 meters, an optimum range would be about 200 meters or less, due to the spread of the bullets. Below 200 meters a Thunder can quickly eliminate or at the least maim a heavy robot. The Thunder is especially effective against heavy robots due to their large hit area, which allows more of the shell fragments to hit.

Even at low levels, the Thunder is a force to be reckoned with, but when upgraded to higher levels it can do appreciable damage from even 300m. With a fire rate of 1 RPS and the ability to reload while firing, it can do very heavy damage in a brief amount of time. Due to its FWR system (Fire while reload), it can continuously fire significantly more rounds than its full magazine.

However, because the robot must get close to an enemy to do significant damage, it will be vulnerable to enemy fire at longer distances. Therefore, it is vital to take advantage of cover as much as possible to minimize damage while getting into a good engagement range (about 200 metres and under if possible.) 

Because the Thunder is a close-range gun, it is most commonly seen on fast moving medium robots since they can quickly close range. Commonly seen setups are the Thunder Schutze, Thunder/Orkan Boa, and Pinata/Thunder Vityaz. However, Carnage and Lancelot possibly are the best bots for Thunder, due to their power and rush abilities. Thunders can also be seen on Raijins, due to its Bastion ability and large health pool.

It is not uncommon to see Thunders equipped on heavy robots like the Leo or Natasha for use as heavily armored shotgun platforms which have the staying power to hold off multiple enemy robots. Even though heavier robots generally have more HP and power, they also tend to have much lower movement speeds. This makes closing distances to actually do damage a problem, although this is somewhat negated (in the case of the Leo) by their very high HP, and with more than one heavy slot, moderate damage.

The Thunder is also an effective shieldbreaker. This is because it can damage energy shields even at 400-500 metres due to bullet spread, and does double damage to physical shields as it is a kinetic weapon.


  • This weapon can fire while reloading, similar to the Orkan, Gekko, Pinata, Pin and Tulumbas.
  • The name Thunder may refer to the booming noise it makes when fired.
  • Despite having a 5 round capacity, the Thunder can fire up to 9 rounds in succession when fully loaded without more than a 1 second delay. This is due to the Thunder's ability to fire while reloading.
  • There is a cylinder in the back of the Thunder that spins while reloading. This is probably a pan magazine.
  • The Thunder ejects in and out of its slot while firing- occasionally a robot will become destroyed in the middle of this phenomenon, leading to an entertaining robot corpse with a Thunder partially ejected.
  • The Thunder used to have a prefix 'ECC' until it was removed in Update 2.5
  • Some players have been angered by several damage nerfs to the Thunder in recent updates. Despite this, it has gained the ability (along with other kinetic weapons e.g Punisher) to do double damage to physical shields (e.g Ecu)

Update History

Update 3.2.0

  • Damage reduced by 5%

Update 3.1

  • Damage reduced by 5%

Update 2.5

  • Name shortened

Update 1.3.0

  • Sound effects when shooting and reloading added/changed.

Update 0.9.1

  • Accuracy decreased by 29%

Update 0.9.0

  • Damage increased by 11.5%

Update 0.6.3

  • Price changed from Au to Ag
  • Effective range from 300 meters to 200 meters

Update 0.6.1

  • Accuracy increased by 15%

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 7600 580,000 7600 38000 3800
6 8352 (+10%) 800,000 17h 8352 41760 4176
7 9184 (+10%) 1,600,000 1d 9h 9184 45920 4592
8 10096 (+10%) 3,000,000 1d 18h 10096 50480 5048
9 11088 (+10%) 6,000,000 2d 2h 11088 55440 5544
10 12192 (+10%) 10,000,000 2d 13h 12192 60960 6096
11 13392 (+10%) 16,000,000 3d 11h 13392 66960 6696
12 14720 (+10%) 26,000,000 4d 18h 14720 73600 7360