The Storm is a medium shotgun.

This weapon functions similarly to the Thunder due to bullet spread and the "reload while firing" mechanic. This makes it essentially a medium version of the Thunder since it acts like it in many ways, and should be played similarly to the Thunder.

Due to bullet spread, the weapon should be treated like a knife fighting weapon with effective ranges of ~200 meters, even though the maximum range is 500 meters. Playing the Storm within this range can bring down Ancile shields extremely quickly (due to its large projection range) and can severely maim, if not destroy, a heavy robot as it is larger and can catch the bullets. With a fire rate of 1.4 rounds per second and the ability to reload while firing, it can do very heavy damage in a brief amount of time at close range. The reload time is fast enough that the Storm can be fired continuously far beyond the actual shell capacity.

Like the Thunder, the robot with this weapon needs to get into close range before any "real" damage can be done, making it ineffective at long ranges. Thus, it is important to use shielding or cover to minimize damage to your robot as you try to get into close range.

Common robots to mount this weapon on includes the Lancelot, any Dash bot, or Fujin, as the former has the rush ability and shielding, while the latter two have multiple medium hard points, contain a fast speed, and a dash ability (in the case of the dash robots). It is also not uncommon to use this weapon in conjunction with the Thunder, as they are similar in many ways.

The Storm is also the easiest item to collect components for due to the fact that the components come in large portions for relatively cheap prices.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 3128 10,000 components 0 4390 25024 2275
2 3440 (+10%) 20,000 12m 4828 27520 2502
3 3776 (+10%) 40,000 1h 7m 30s 5300 30208 2746
4 4152 (+10%) 80,000 2h 15m 5827 33216 3020
5 4568 (+10%) 400,000 9h 6411 36544 3322
6 5016 (+10%) 800,000 19h 30m 7040 40128 3648
7 5512 (+10%) 1,565,000 1d 13h 30m 7736 44096 4009
8 6056 (+10%) 3,065,000 1d 22h 30m 8500 48448 4404
9 6656 (+10%) 6,000,000 2d 9h 9342 53248 4841
10 7312 (+10%) 10,000,000 2d 21h 10262 58496 5318
11 8040 (+10%) 15,600,000 3d 22h 30m 11284 64320 5847
12 8832 (+10%) 25,350,000 5d 7h 30m 12396 70656 6423


  • The Storm is basically a spinoff name of the Thunder.
  • Like all of the other guns, this weapon will still do double damage to physical shields.

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