Splash Damage is the term used to describe the properties of certain projectiles that have a large area of effect (AoE) due to their explosive properties. Such weapons can damage multiple robots at once, but their most useful feature is their ability to damage robots hiding behind cover (if they are near an opening and the missile explodes close enough). Splash damage will also damage BOTH Écu (and Écu like shields) and the shielded robot. Splash Damage does not go through Ancile shields, however. Splash can sometimes go through thin walls.

Homing missiles do not have splash and the term is confused with rockets. Homing missiles are Spiral, Hydra, Aphid.

In most circumstances, any attack that causes a physical explosion will have Splash damage. The 'Splash' radius varies depending on the weapon. The following weapons are capable of dealing some degree of Splash Damage:

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