…What this robot lacks in toughness, it more than makes up in attack power… – in-game description


The Spectre is a medium robot with 4 medium hardpoints. It was released in version 3.6.0.

At first glance, the Spectre may be perceived as a smaller and more nimble version of the Inquisitor robot, the bigger, badder version of Gl. Patton, or a newer and more powerful version of the Doc, because they both have 4 medium weapons. The Spectre and the Inquisitor both have the Descend ability and feature an intricate design. The profile of both robots and walking animation are also similar.

This robot is equipped with 4 medium hardpoints, and the aforementioned Desend ability, and above average speed. Thus, even with its low durability, the Spectre is truly a killing machine at mid to close range.


When the Spectre uses its Descend ability, the robot jumps into the air while in Stealth Mode, with the stealth effect lasting for a few more seconds when the Spectre lands.

The Descend ability is like the one featured on the Inquisitor, however, the Spectre's stealth lasts only 4 seconds after landing (compared to 5 seconds), but has a cooldown of just 18 seconds (compared to 20 seconds). The jump features stealth so that enemies cannot target the robot, not only while in the air, but for five seconds upon landing.


The Spectre is a glass cannon, due to its unrivaled firepower and well below average health. That means it should be played with a run-and-gun play style, avoiding enemy retaliation. With its speed and ability, this robot is well equipped to avoid damage altogether.

The hardpoints make the Spectre a versatile robot, which can be used for various roles. The default build is featured with four Tulumbas. This provides unrivaled firepower never seen with this weapon before. Other mid-range weapons like Scourge, Shocktrain, Hydra, Punisher T and the Molot T are greatly aided when four are used at a time.

In combat under 500 meters, the Orkan and Taran are prime choices. The former for it's high burst DPS, and the latter for it's cycle DPS. The Vortex can also be used to provide massive damage from behind cover. Lastly, the Storm can be used to quickly provide incredible damage output. All close ranged weapons work very well with it's Descend ability.


  • The Spectre is the first robot with four Medium hardpoints that can all fire at once.
  • This robot was very controversial when in the test server. It was perceived that four Medium weapons able to fire all at once on one robot were too powerful.
  • Indeed it was very powerful, prior to HP nerfs that limited the power of Spectre. Pixonic describes the robot as a glass cannon.
  • During testing, it was named Exorcist. This name was later changed to Spectre because it was too controversial.

Possible Setups

These setups are recommended for the Spectre:

Note: Each slot type is filled with only one particular weapon. For example, if a robot has 3 light all three of those slots are filled with Pinatas, as mixing weapons of the same slot type is not advisable.

Close Range (350m or less)

Slot Types  Medium Slot 
#Slots  x4 Name 
Setup 1 
Death Button
Setup 2 
Plasma Death Button
Setup 3 
Setup 4 
Setup 5 

Mid-Range (500-600m)

Slot Types  Medium Slot 
#Slots  x4 Name (If Applicable) 
Setup 1 
Setup 2 
Setup 3 
Setup 4 
Russian Death Button

Long Range (800-1,000m)

Slot Types  Medium Slot 




Setup 1 


Spectre Upgrades

LevelCost (Ag)HealthSpeed (km/h)Time
1 10,000 Components 55,000 42
2 28,00059,00043 2 hours, 30 minutes
370,00063,000455 hours
4140,00067,00047 12 hours
5280,00071,000481 day
6700,00076,000501 day, 12 hours
71,400,00081,000522 days, 4 hours
82,800,00086,000532 day 20 hours
97,000,00091,000553 day 8 hours
109,800,00097,000554 days
1121,000,000103,000557 days
1233,600,000110,000558 days
Total76,810,000110,0005530 days 15 hours 30 minutes