…Since the old days, human folk had worshiped celestial flame. Those who master it are acknowledged as equal to the gods at least… – in-game description

The Shocktrain is a medium energy weapon. It was released in version 3.3.0.

This energy weapon, upon firing, will unleash all charges that are currently stored in the weapon (a maximum of 5), with damage increasing for more charges being loaded. This mechanism is similar to the Trebuchet, because this weapon can charge while not firing, thus increasing the damage the longer you wait after firing. Also, it is similar to the Zeus due to requiring a target lock.

The Shocktrain has the unique ability that allows it to hit multiple robots, in succession. When the original target is hit, each robot within 150 meters of the target will also be hit with that same projectile, but with 50% less damage for each subsequent robot.

Due to high burst damage, it makes this weapon very dangerous to robots grouped together, which increases the overall damage of each shot. This, combined with it's short reload time, can put a large dent in a group medium or heavy robots.

To purchase the Shocktrain, 10,000 Shocktrain components must be acquired. Then you may trade them in to receive this weapon from your storage, which can be accessed through the Black Market screen.

It isn't uncommon to see 3 of these weapons mounted on the Haechi or Bulgasari. They both can use their dash abilities to get in and out of the range of targets. The Bulgasari has hardpoints positioned high and to one side, allowing it to shoot over and around cover, from up to 500 meters away.

Update History

Update 3.7.0

  • The number of charges increased from 5 to 7, damage per charge slightly decreased. Fully charged deals same damage as before.

Update 3.4.0

  • Damage reduced by 15% after each subsequent hit

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 785 10,000 components 5495 5495 550
2 870 (+11%) 15,000 Ag 8m 6090 6090 609
3 955 (+10%) 30,000 45m 6685 6685 669
4 1050 (+10%) 60,000 1h 30m 7350 7350 735
5 1150 (+10%) 300,000 6h 8050 8050 805
6 1265 (+10%) 600,000 13h 8855 8855 886
7 1385 (+9%) 1,200,000 1d 1h 9695 9695 970
8 1520 (+10%) 2,300,000 1d 7h 10640 10640 1064
9 1670 (+10%) 4,500,000 1d 14h 11690 11690 1169
10 1835 (+10%) 7,500,000 1d 22h 12845 12845 1285
11 2015 (+10%) 12,000,000 2d 15h 14105 14105 1411
12 2215 (+10%) 19,500,000 3d 13h 15505 15505 1551

*Damage values for every separate charge.


  • This weapon has the longest name with 10 letters.
  • This weapon is the only weapon in this game that can directly hit other targets.
  • It is also the only weapon with fading damage upon hitting robots.
  • This weapon functions identically to the Trebuchet as it can charge its shots before firing, increasing its damage. However, the Shocktrain only has 5 charges while the Trebuchet has 20.
  • When in battle, the reloading animation appears as if the three prongs are rotating.
  • In a recent update (as of early 2018), the Shocktrain was slightly nerfed with more charges (higher reload time) and less damage per charge (as to balance the damage with the increase in charges) due to complaints from many players about it's incredible power. Nevertheless, it remains a very potent weapon and is commonly used in the higher leagues.