The Shocktrain is a medium energy weapon.

Upon firing, the Shocktrain will unleash all charges that are currently stored in the weapon (a maximum of 5), with damage increasing for more charges being loaded. This mechanism is similar to the Trebuchet in that this weapon can charge while not firing, thus increasing the damage the longer you wait after firing.

This weapon has the unique ability to be able to hit multiple robots simultaneously, with a range of up to 150 meters for each subsequent robot that is hit. When the original robot is hit, each robot within 150 meters of the target will also be hit with that same projectile, but with reduced damage for each subsequent robot of 50%, severely hindering its damage upon the next robot hit.

This weapon is extremely dangerous to robots due to this weapon's "charging", making it as deadly as the Zeus or Trebuchet (but with target lock and the ability to hit multiple targets). This, combined with its amazingly short reload times, can severely dent a medium or heavy robot. Thus, it is extremely common to see 3 of these weapons mounted on a Fujin, Haechi, or Bulgasari to do its maximum potential with over 45,000 damage per fully charged burst, and its average DPM at level 12 for one of these weapons is about 116,250, which makes them deadly even at close ranges like 300 meters.

To use this weapon to its maximum potential, it should be treated as a heavy weapon due to its "charge before fire" mechanism and its medium-range at 500 meters, equal to the Tulumbas. However, mounting this weapon on the Doc is not recommended as this weapon's reload time is faster than its Quick Draw ability cooldown time.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 1100 10,000 components 5500 5500 688
2 1220 (+11%) 15,000 8m 6100 6100 763
3 1340 (+10%) 30,000 45m 6700 6700 838
4 1470 (+10%) 60,000 1h 30m 7350 7350 919
5 1610 (+10%) 300,000 6h 8050 8050 1006
6 1770 (+10%) 600,000 13h 8850 8850 1106
7 1940 (+10%) 1,2 mln 1d 1h 9700 9700 1213
8 2130 (+10%) 2.3 mln 1d 7h 10650 10650 1331
9 2340 (+10%) 4.5 mln 1d 14h 11700 11700 1463
10 2570 (+10%) 7.5 mln 1d 22h 12850 12850 1606
11 2820 (+10%) 12 mln 2d 15h 14100 14100 1763
12 3100 (+10%) 19.5 mln 3d 13h 15500 15500 1938

*Damage values for every separate charge.


  • This weapon has the longest name with 10 letters.
  • This weapon is also the only weapon in this game that can directly hit other targets.
  • It is also the only weapon with fading damage upon hitting robots.
  • This weapon functions identically to the Trebuchet as it can charge its shots before firing, increasing its damage. However, the Shocktrain only has 5 charges while the Trebuchet has 20.
  • When in battle, the reloading animation appears as if the three prongs are rotating.

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