In WR, not every piece of armament is a damage-dealing weapon. Currently, there are two pieces of equipment used to protect your robot from incoming fire: the Écu and the Ancile. There is also the built-in underpowered Anciles exclusive to the Carnage and Haechi, the buffed-up Ancile belonging to the Fūjin, and the Raijin and the Rhino's built-in Écu-resembling shields used in Assault mode and Bastion mode. The Gareth and the Galahad have built-in shields that can be mounted on the left or switched to the front, slowing robots down but allowing to fire while being covered. The Lancelot has a 3-piece built in frontal shield, and the Bulgasari has a side-mounted shield. All physical shields have a hitpoint value that, once depleted, will destroy the shield whether as an armament piece or built into a robot. The Bulwark has a new kind of shield, referred to in-game as an 'aegis-class barrier.' This shield protects from all types of damage, but can only regenerate while inactive. The Bulwark also has a physical shield, though it is weaker than most.

Note: The Ember, released in update 3.2, is the only weapon that can bypass both physical and energy shields simultaneously.

Mountable Shields

The Ecu Shield is a physical shield mounted on a light and medium armament hard-point on a robot. It protects the robot from every type of damage except from Embers and "splash damage" from Rockets.

The Ancile Shield is an energy shield that surrounds the robot in a 360º sphere. The Ancile protects the robot from all damage types except energy based weapons. The Ancile is a heavy hard-point armament so it can only be mounted on certain robots with a heavy armament slot. Unlike the Ecu shield, the Ancile can regenerate over time with a rate of 3% of HP per second and reactivate when it has 20% health remaining. If an enemy bot manages to close in to less than 30m of a bot with an Ancile, his/her shots would pass through and hit the robot no matter what type of weapon it is.

Robots with Built-in Energy Shields

Robots with Built-in Physical Shields

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