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Shield Armaments

In WWR, not every piece of armament is a damage-dealing weapon. Currently there are two pieces of equipment used to protect your robot from incoming fire, the Écu and the Ancile. There is also the built in underpowered Ancile exclusive to the Carnage, the buffed-up Ancile belonging to the Fūjin, and the Raijin and the Rhino's built-in Écu-resembling shield used in Assault mode and Bastion mode. The new robots, the Gareth and the Galahad, have built-in shields that can switch from the left and right positions. The Lancelot also has a 3-piece built in shield. All shields have a hit-point value that once depleted will destroy the shield whether as an armament piece or built into a robot.


The Ecu Shield is a physical shield mounted on a light armament hard-point on a robot or in certain robots a medium hard-point. It protects the robot from every type of damage except from " splash damage" from rocket and missile based weapons.


The Ancile Shield is an energy shield that surrounds the robot in a 360º sphere. The Ancile protects the robot from all damage types except energy based weapons. The Ancile is a heavy hard-point armament so it can only be mounted on certain robots with a heavy armament slot. Unlike the Ecu shield, the Ancile can regenerate over time and reactivate when it has at least 10% health remaining.

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