…Equipped with a heavy weapon slot. Fast and nimble sniper… – in-game description

The Schutze is a light robot with a single heavy hardpoint. It was released in the first version of the game.

It makes a fast, mobile sniper. Its high speed allows the Schutze to quickly get in position to fire. While reloading, a pilot can easily move back to cover to avoid fire from enemies. This tactic is best with a Trebuchet, as the Schutze is less exposed during its long reload period. This is generally not recommended however, as the low DPM of the Schutze without a weapon like the Zeus or Thunder makes it more of a nuisance than a threat to the enemy.

Alternatively, it can be equipped with a Thunder to wreak havoc at close range by closing down enemies with its speed. This setup can injure or even be lethal to heavy robots if the pilot sneaks up on them, and uses its speed to hit and run.

However, the Schutze becomes mostly obsolete in later tiers and is commonly replaced by the Boa.

Update History

Update 2.8.0

  • New model

Update 0.9.0

  • Armor increased by 20%.

Update 0.8.4

  • Speed increased by 10%.

Update 0.3.0

  • Increased strength at all levels.


  • Schutze means "marksman" in German.
  • The word Schutze is also derived from the German word Schutzen, meaning to protect or guard implying the possible role of the robot's sniper support as it can “guard” other robots from long distances.
  • Curiously, the Dutch word “Gevaar”, meaning danger, can be seen on the red strips on the back of the turret in the old design. The German equivalent of the word is “Gefahr”.
  • Schutze model was redesigned due to unknown reasons by the developers. The old, tanky-looking square appearance is replaced by a new, sleek model; the same was done to the Rogatka and, some time ago, to the Golem. Not every player liked the way robots are redesigned.
  • The Schutze is tied with the Destrier for being the slowest light robot in the game
Old schutze

Schutze Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 150,000 47,000 42
2 30,00050,00043 5 minutes
360,00053,000452 hours
4100,00056,000474 hours
5200,00060,000487 hours
6300,00064,000508 hours
7500,00068,0005210 hours
8800,00072,0005311 hours
91,500,00077,0005513 hours
102,000,00082,0005514 hours
114,000,00087,0005515 hours
127,000,00093,0005519 hours
Total16,640,00093,000554 days 7 hours