…Missile complex designed to deliver plunging fire on slow-moving groups of robots. Cannot lock on targets within 400m radius… – in-game description

Noricum (Light Missile)

The Noricum is an artillery weapon designed for long to medium range. Most common on heavy robots, the Noricum fires a spread of 14 rounds at an 50m radius point area marked by the cross-hairs on the game screen. Although its maximum range is 900 meters, the spread of the shots (50m radius) is generally similar regardless of what distance it is fired at. Due to the spread, the Noricum does as little as 1k-2k damage per bot.

For accuracy, 700–500 meters is the suggested firing distance. Equipped with several units, a robot can become a mobile artillery platform, capable of long range bombardment. Because of how it fires, the Noricum can hit most enemies behind cover, unless they are both behind cover and underneath an obstacle. However, the Noricum does very little damage regardless.

Within 600 meters and less, the Noricum becomes unreliable, as the shots cannot curve the required distance for very close bombardment. Inside of 400 meters, the Noricum becomes practically useless unless the robot manages to place the Noricum unit directly under an enemy robot, the two robots are directly next to the same wall, or the robot fielding the Noricum is directly under a walkway the enemy robot is on. The Noricum's splash damage properties can cause massive damage in a very short amount of time. However, it is much more difficult to utilize than the Pinata or Orkan. It is not recommended to be used. The best use for this weapon would be to use it as a long range ancile shield destroyer, but this requires lots of prediction and proper aiming skill. If an enemy moves towards you, the noricums will not hit, making this weapon extremely situational


  • This is considered one of the weakest weapons in the game. The spread of rockets does not do much damage to a single robot.
  • Noricum is the Latin name for a Celtic kingdom, or federation of tribes, that included most of modern Austria and part of Slovenia.


Level Damage Cost Time
5 1069 290k Ag -
6 1174 400k 8 hours
7 1290 800k 17 hours
8 1418 1,5M 21 hours
9 1558 3M 1 day 1 hour
10 1713 5M 1 day 7 hours
11 1882 8M 1 day 18 hours
12 2068 13M 2 days 9 hours

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