…Equipped with a jump drive. The fastest robot in its class. Two medium weapons pose a serious threat to any opponent… – in-game description


The Rogatka is a Medium Robot with 2 × Medium Hardpoints and the Jump ability.

With the ability to mount two medium weapons, it has similar firepower to the Gl. Patton. However, it is faster, more durable, and jump-capable, making it one of the most speedy and versatile robots in the game. Because of its ability to utilize two medium weapons, it is a very common heavy assault robot. With the right weapons load-out, the Rogatka can easily lay down suppression fire in the form of bullets from twin Punisher Mk2 or twin Molot Mk2, or with a huge salvo of rockets from Tulumbas or Orkans. Arguably even more terrifying is equipping two Tarans.

The Rogatka shines in the lower leagues, and can still excel further up if used skillfully, due to its relatively high HP, very fast speed, and short jump reload time. Some players regard it as a combination between the Cossack and the Griffin robots for these reasons.

The Rogatka belongs to the Russian Empire faction.

Update History

The Rogatka was initially buffed in Update 2.5, but it was buffed again significantly in Update 2.8.

Update 2.8:

Health Increased; Speed Increased (48 km/h -> 60 km/h), jump cooldown (10 sec -> 7 sec)


  • The Rogatka is the only robot bought with gold that can jump.
  • Rogatka means slingshot in Russian, hence the Rogatka’s ability to jump and assault. It is written as рогатка
  • Due to initial health and speed nerfs, the Rogatka had fallen somewhat out of favour in late 2016 to early 2017.
  • By the spring 2017 Rogatka was buffed heavily, possibly due to the new map Moon that came out, where this bot excels.
  • Due to the 2.8.0 Rogatka buff, the Rogatka is now the fastest medium bot in game, and is faster (in terms of walking speed) than some light bots (i.e Cossack, Gepard)
  • It was possible to win Rogatka for free in 3rd Anniversary event taking place first half of May 2017, by completing a lot of special "Event Task".
  • Rogatka model was redesigned due to unknown reasons by the developers. Old, soviet-hydroplane-looking square appearance was replaced by new, sleek model; same was done to Schutze and, some time ago, to the Golem. Not every player likes the way robots are being redesigned.
  • The Rogatka’s model and design was described by Pixonic's content moderator in these words; take Be-12 and A-90 aircrafts, stick Mi-28’s nose on it — voila, you’ve got Rogatka.
    • see here for above reference
Rog old new

Rogatka Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 2,500 Au 76,000 46
2 50,00081,00047 20 minutes
3100,00086,0004910 hours
4200,00092,0005114 hours
5300,00098,0005320 hours
6700,000104,000551 day 4 hours
71,000,000111,000561 day 9 hours
82,000,000118,000581 day 15 hours
95,000,000125,000601 day 23 hours
109,000,000133,000602 days 10 hours
1116,000,000141,000603 days 3 hours
1230,000,000150,000604 days 1 hour
Total64,350,000150,0006017 days 13 hours 20 minutes

WWR - Life in the Robot Jungle - Rogotka Trickery06:37

WWR - Life in the Robot Jungle - Rogotka Trickery

Most of the tricks used by experienced rogathka pilots.


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