Rocket (Weapon Type)

Weapons of this type fire unguided self-propelled projectiles (rockets). The Rockets travel relatively slowly compared to other weapon types, but they explode upon impact, causing splash damage. Splash damage allows rockets to damage nearby enemy robots, even if protected by an Ecu, or small cover. It even can damage enemy behind a real thin wall (given the enemy is standing directly behind it), like at the center of the Yamantau; or through the floor of the Moon map center. Note that this weapon will damage both the physical shield and the robot simultaneously when fired at a robot with it. However, the splash damage created still won't damage a robot with an Ancile or similar energy shield.

All rockets travel in a flat trajectory except the Noricum and Zenit, which fire in a high howitzer or mortar like arc.

Most direct fire multiple rocket launchers, namely, Pinata, Orkan, Pin and Tulumbas, can fire when reload.

Pinata and Orkan have smallest splash Area Of Effect; while Pin and Tulumbas affect a larger area, and Trident, Zenit and Noricum has the largest area covered.

Rocket Weapons

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