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See also: Weapons

A robot is a large armed walking vehicle which players use to battle for dominance of a battlefield. Each robot belongs to one of three weight classes: Light Robot, Medium Robot or Heavy Robot. Robots come in a variety of configurations varying in size, shape, speed, durability, and special Abilities.

Each robot has a fixed number and type of Weapon Hardpoints. The 3 types of Hardpoints are: Heavy, Medium and Light. A weapon can only be fitted to the corresponding hardpoint type and the number and type of hardpoints can not be changed.

Most robots require the player to reach a certain Player Level before the robots become available for purchase. To reach a higher level, the player needs to gain Experience.

List of Robots

Light Robots: Cossack : Destrier : Gepard : Schutze : Gareth : Stalker : Jesse

Medium Robots: Vityaz : Golem : Gl. Patton : Rogatka : Boa : Galahad : Carnage : Fujin : Doc

Heavy Robots: Leo : Fury : Lancelot : Griffin : Natasha : Rhino : Raijin : Butch

Robot Cost table

(G): Gold - (WSP): Workshop Points
Light Medium Heavy
Destrier 75K Vityaz 500K Griffin 1,700K
Schütze 150K Gl. Patton 500K Leo 1,700K
Cossack 150K Boa 500K Fury (G) 5,000
Gepard (G) 1,200 Golem 500K Natasha 1,700K
Stalker (WSP) 7,500 Rogatka (G) 2,500 Rhino (WSP) 15,000
Gareth (G) 1,250 Carnage (WSP) 13,000 Raijin (WSP) 15,000
Jesse (G) _ Fūjin (WSP) 13,000 Lancelot (G) 5,000
Galahad (G) 2,500 Butch (G) _
Doc (G) _

Speed and Health Upgrade charts

This section needs work. It is either incomplete, outdated or incorrect.

Please note that with the 2.5 update in Jan 2017, robot speed and health have been modified. These charts do not accurately represent the game as it currently stands, although they are still broadly correct.

Please update with the appropriate values.

Robot Gallery

See Also

A spreadsheet of the bots can be found here. Can be used to compare bots easily and efficiently.


Robot speed originally was measured in mph but it was later changed to kph. However distance has always measured in meters.

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