The Robo Duck was an April fools prank by pixonic.


Pixonic's description of it:


Roboduck is a new ultraheavy robot with the highest durability among other robots of the same class. Roboduck can sit on beacons without allowing the enemies to intercept.

Along with the significant endurance, it has a couple of flaws: major lack of speed and not a single weapon slot. Roboduck also has a unique feature useful in battle which allows this robot to quack.


Base speed - 5 mph

Durability - 1000000

Hardpoint slots - none Special ability - Quack

Required account level - 31


  • There are all robots available at the time of the prank listed in compariative sizes, excluding the car and the plane.
  • We can see than Raijin and Fujin actually WERE two different robots, with different names as of April 1st.

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