…Considerably outperforms any opponent at close-ranged exchange of fire. Rhino is a living incarnation of indomitable rage, a true berserk of the future. Able to enter assault mode. While in assault mode, Rhino gains protection from built-in shields and loses ability to turn and fire medium weapons. In exchange, his movespeed is increased by 100%, which allows him to break through enemy lines and force enemies into close combat… – in-game description


The Rhino is a heavy robot with 2 medium and 2 light hardpoints. It was released in version 1.0.

This robot has the Assault mode ability, if activated, a physical shield deploys in the front of the robot disabling its medium weapons and the Rhino's forward movement speed is increased by 100%. In Assault mode, it's upper torso's rotation is limited to about 5 degrees and has a rotation speed of 5 degrees per second, while its lower part also has a rotation speed of 5 degrees per second but without any limits. Similar to the Écu, the Rhino's shield offers protection against energy and gun type weapons, but does not block splash damage weapons. Often times, two Rhinos will charge headfirst into each other to bypass each other's shield, reminiscent of actual rhinos fighting in real life.

The Rhino excels as a brawler, using its Assault Mode to quickly get into its weapons' range and then unleashing a devastating barrage of fire. The shield works well for blocking enemy fire while waiting for medium weapons (e.g. Orkans) to reload, with the light weapons providing cover fire.

Although the Rhino is a strong robot and is a fearsome sight in battle, it isn't flawless. Its glacial traverse speed with assault mode activated makes it extremely vulnerable to small, fast robots, especially Cossacks and Stalkers. In addition, remaining in assault mode at ranges less than 100m allows even medium robots to circle the Rhino and quickly get around the frontal shield and out of the line of fire of its light weapons before the shield can be retracted to allow traversing.

The Rhino is also noticeably weak to the Pin, Tulumbas and Trident weapons, as their large amount of damage, splash damage properties, and ranges of 500-600m allow for the weapons to damage the Rhino with or without the shield, and the robot possessing the weapons can fire in safety, with the extra distance. This is one of the main reasons of why the Russian Death-Button had become popular in competitive play.

An easy way to negate this is to remain at ranges of about 200-300m. For 300m engagements, 2 × Orkans and 2 × Magnums can be very effective. Engaging at this range is particularly effective against enemies using Thunders, as the damage will be significantly decreased due to the wider spread of fire.

Rhinos can be devastating for leading charges on city maps like Shenzhen and Dead City. Pushing up to enemy held beacons and continuing the assault straight into the enemy spawn usually leads to confusion among enemy forces and breakthroughs. The favored combination of weapons on Rhinos is usually 2 × Pinatas or Magnums on the light hardpoints (or 2x Aphids) and 2 × Tarans or Orkans on the medium hardpoints. Especially with Orkans, the burst damage potential on the Rhino is absolutely brutal, meaning you can quickly bring down your opponent’s health, activate Assault Mode, and finish them off with the light weapons. This strategy applies very much to ambushing targets in the spawn area, although this will inevitably lead to the destruction of the robot. However, it gives your team some breathing space to regroup and capture beacons as you draw enemy fire and do large amounts of damage.

With 2 medium hardpoints and 2 light hardpoints, this robot is a force to be reckoned with if used properly. When using Assault Mode, you are prone to be flanked as the robot turns very slowly when not moving and loses much of its firepower, allowing fast light/medium robots to destroy you quickly. Wise activation of Assault Mode will allow late destruction or the potential to survive the whole battle as the shield resists most non-rocket weapons.

Update History

Update 3.0.1

  • Speed increased by 20%

Update 2.9.1

  • New skin

Update 2.4.0

  • New skins


  • Robot Rhino has a visible horn on its head, just like actual Rhino.
  • It has been noted that the heavy weapon, Nashorn, translates to 'Rhino'. As a result, some refer to the weapon by its old name, Kwk 448mm, to prevent confusion.
  • Although Rhino has become less viable now due to the fire-while-reloading mechanism of rockets, it is still very good in the metagame. There is a highly informative guide for Rhino piloting by Strayed.
  • Despite previous claims of the Fury being the tallest bot, it has been disproven in Pixonic's height comparison chart, with the Rhino being the tallest (excluding the RoboDuck).
  • The player needs 6,537,480 Silver and 28 days in order to gather enough WP to get Rhino (using all six WP slots and no Gold to buy WP).
  • This robot, along with the Lancelot, is among the slowest heavy robots in the whole game, at a maximum of 30 km/h, when Assault Mode is not activated.
  • However, the Rhino is also the fastest heavy robot, coming in at 60kph when in Assault Mode.
  • This robot is one of the 2 robots that can deploy a shield, the other being the Raijin.

Rhino Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthShieldSpeedTime
1 15,000 WP 86,000 120,000 23
2 20,00092,000129,00024 5 minutes
350,00098,000137,000251 hours
4100,000104,000146,000264 hours
5200,000111,000155,0002610 hours
6500,000118,000165,0002720 hours
71,000,000126,000176,000281 days 8 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds
82,000,000134,000188,000291 days 22 hours
95,000,000143,000200,000302 days 9 hours
107,000,000152,000213,000302 days 21 hours
1115,000,000162,000227,000304 days 14 hours
1224,000,000172,000241,000305 days 10 hours
Total54,870,000172,000241,0003019 days 23 hours 51 minutes 40 seconds