…I always strike twice: first right on the head, and second on the coffin lid… – in-game description

The Redeemer is a heavy energy weapon which can be considered as one of the most devastating heavy weapon when fully upgraded.

This weapon can do monstrous amounts of damage even at a low level, having almost 2x the power of the Taran in one blast but at the cost of less ammunition/clip and a slower rate of fire, at a burst every 2 seconds. The Redeemer can quickly annihilate a light robot and can cause severe damage to medium and heavy robots, and since this is an energy weapon, makes Anciles obsolete to the blasts. This amount of damage can quickly destroy physical shields, and when used multiple at a time, is truly something to be reckoned with.

This weapon is, quite literally, the heavier version of the Taran, with multiple blasts/shot (2 for this weapon and 4 for the Taran), a 5-second reload time, a clip that can be depleted in around 10 seconds, an extremely high DPM (Damage per minute), a range of 350 meters, fast projectiles, and extreme accuracy. However, the delay time between shots of the Redeemer are longer than the Taran (slower fire rate).

The arguably best (and most expensive) option for this weapon is to mount them 3 on a Fury and upgrade them all to an extremely high level. This kind of Fury is the most devastating one, as unlike the Thunder, this setup has deadly accuracy. They can also be mounted to a Lancelot or Inquisitor along with 2 Tarans due to the extreme similarity between the two weapons. They can also be mounted twice on a Carnage or Natasha. However, mounting them 4 on a Butch is not recommended as the Quick Draw ability cool-down is much slower than the Redeemer's reload time.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 3470 10000 Components 0 1826 34700 6940
2 3810 (+10%) 24,000 11m 2005 38100 7620
3 4190 (+10%) 48,000 1h 2205 41900 8380
4 4600 (+10%) 96,000 2h 2421 46000 9200
5 5050 (+10%) 480,000 8h 2658 50500 10100
6 5550 (+10%) 960,000 17h 2921 55500 11100
7 6100 (+10%) 1,900,000 1d9h 3211 61000 12200
8 6700 (+10%) 3,600,000 1d18h 3526 67000 13400
9 7360 (+10%) 7,200,000 2d2h 3874 73600 14720
10 8090 (+10%) 12,000,000 2d13h 4258 80900 16180
11 8890 (+10%) 19,000,000 3d11h 4679 88900 17780
12 9770 (+10%) 31,000,000 4d18h 5142 97700 19540


  • The Redeemer is the only weapon that fires two shots a burst. The second burst is fired 1/4th of a second after the first shot.

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