…One of the most effective weapons at distances up to 500m. High rate of fire and capacity. Low accuracy makes this weapon ineffective at longer distances… – in-game description


The Punisher T is a medium gun with an effective range of 200m and a maximum range of 500m. At its maximum range of 500m, very few bullets will hit the target decreasing its damage substantially.

It has a light counterpart, the Punisher, which is a version of the Punisher T with lower damage. It is essentially a Gatling gun, and it has the highest firing rate of any weapon in the game. It is lethal at close range but due to bullet spread, it becomes increasingly inaccurate as the range increases.

All Punishers (as well as Molots and Tempest) accelerate fire rate up to 1.5x usual speed, if fired continuously for longer time than 3 seconds. Accelerated state is disabled if firing is stopped for more than 1 second or ammo is depleted.

The Punisher T, on par with Thunder are the best weapons for disabling the Ancile shield, especially on a sentried Fujin.

The Punisher T is best used for close range combat, and is most effective when equipped in pairs, such as the Rogatka or Griffin. However, due to low accuracy, big bullet spread but still high damage, Punishers are good at destroying big robots up close; for all other tasks there are better choice of weapons.

Update History

Update 3.3

  • name prefix changed back to punisher T

Update 2.9

  • Damage increased +10%
  • Firerate decreased -23% (from 11\17 rps to 8.3\12.45 rps per second)
  • Actual burst DPS went down from 3,070 to 2,686, exactly -12.5% nerf
  • Actual cycle DPS went down from 1,808 to 1,727, approximately -4.5% nerf

Update 2.7.0

  • Punisher and Punisher T now enters an accelerated firing rate after 3 seconds of sustained fire. At accelerated state, the firing rate is 1.5x of the normal.
  • Accelerated firing shuts down when firing is stopped for 1 second.
  • The gun barrels glows orange-yellow during accelerated state.
  • MK1 and T are now differentiated by DAMAGE, and not by firing speed.
  • Due to high CPU load on mobile devices, Pixonic decreases RPS, simultaneously increasing the damage, thus leaving overall DPS same as on accelerated prototype.

Update 2.5.0

  • As part of the name prefix removal, the name of the weapon was changed from GAU Punisher T to Punisher Mk2

Update 0.9.1

  • Accuracy increased by 14%

Update 0.9.0

  • Damage decreased by 24.5%

Update 0.8.0

  • Damage increased by an additional 10%

Update 0.6.3

  • Effective Range: 300m -> 200m

Update 0.6.1

  • Damage increased by 10%


  • As the in-game tooltip says, the Punisher T is two Punishers stacked on top of each other. However, it does only x1.57 the damage of a Punisher.
  • Before the 2.5 update, the Punisher Mk2 was called the Punisher T. The “T” in its name may have stood for “twin” because it’s two Punishers in one. This has not been confirmed.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 260 30,000 Ag 3178 57200 2043
2 290 (+12%) 15,000 8min 3544 63800 2279
3 320 (+10%) 30,000 45min 3911 70400 2514
4 350 (+9%) 60,000 1h 30min 4278 77000 2750
5 390 (+11%) 300,000 6h 4767 85800 3064
6 430 (+10%) 600,000 13h 5256 94600 3379
7 470 (+9%) 1.2mln 1d 1h 5744 103400 3693
8 520 (+11%) 2.3 mln 1d 7h 6356 114400 4086
9 570 (+10%) 4.5 mln 1d 14h 6967 125400 4479
10 630 (+11%) 7.5 mln 1d 22h 7700 138600 4950
11 690 (+10%) 12 mln 2d 15h 8433 151800 5421
12 760 (+10%) 19.5 mln 3d 13h 9289 167200 5971

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