Power Plant (Map)

Screenshot 2016-03-16-22-35-51-1

Prototype (Basic map shape)

Screenshot 2016-03-17-09-35-38

Final map (With textures and some objects added)

The map features beacons in an asymmetrical layout. Teams spawn on an elevated platform and must enter a maze-like area with random obstacles everywhere. This map is close-range oriented, and robots with jump will be able to set up easy ambushes. Rockets, in particular, are very powerful on this map. Death button setups used with "corner camping" tactics can damage any bot unfortunate enough to wander into the line of fire. Like Canyon, this can sometimes lead to Mexican standoffs between opposing Rhinos, and only jumping bots are able to break the stalemate.  Pilots using Griffin and Hover should be aware that the buildings in this map are easy to accidently land on, which may result in the untimely destruction of your robot. While this map encourages close encounters with the red team, snipers are sometimes seen. The best sniping positions are just behind the ridges on each end of the map, which provide near-complete cover. In order to counter a sniper on this map, your best chance is to use aphid, vortex, or thermite.


  •  Was first seen in the March 13/14 test server.
  • The Power Plant map first appeared on the test servers with no texture, as the main goal was to test the design of the map.