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Squad Battle (Platooning)

Once reaching level 10, a player is given access to starting or joining Platoons/ Squad Battles via a small Shield-Button on the top-right side of the hangar screen. A platoon is a group function that allows two or more people (maximum of six) to enter a battle together.

Check the page on Pixonic official website about some info on Squad Battles:

"What is the point of Platooning?"

The main reason you should be interested in this is because it can earn you an extra 9 gold every day, giving 3 extra gold in addition to whatever medals you get during a battle for your first 3 victories. Platooning is also how you enter battles with your clan mates, which can provide you greater success because you can learn to work as a team by knowing each other's habits. It's also fun to meet new players in the WR-Community, sometimes you will have players who will teach you or show you things about the game you may not have found out otherwise.

"OK, I've tried to get into Squad Battles but failed, how do I get & keep members?"

The Platoon Leader is the person that sent out the platoon invitations, and once at least one has accepted the invitation to join, the Platoon Leader will start a search for a match. Since you cannot inspect all hangars & load outs of your clan members before platooning, it is best to make sure everyone understands what the target Tier is (Bronze/Silver/Gold), or to invite people to your squad from your 3 most recent battles. The reason for this is because the Match Maker for the platoon system selects a tier in the same way as the solo-play MM. The most upgraded bot + weapons in all of the active hangers of the platoon determines the tier. For example, if all the platoon members are equipped for Bronze tier they will fight in Bronze, but if one member is equipped for Gold the platoon will fight in gold.

Now, there are many reasons why it is hard to get a Squad Battle together initially due to players already being otherwise engaged when you send the request, or because they have already signed off. However, keeping one going is much easier because after a Squad Battle, you can invite players into your squad immediately from the battle overview/ statistics page that display after a match. These players are much more likely to join the platoon since they are still online, and they likely haven't started another battle yet.

And that's it! now you can start earning another 9 gold every day to put towards your fifth hangar/ whatever else,

How to add friends for Platooning later:

On an iOS device, go to "GameCenter" --> "Friends" --> "+" and enter another pilot's name.

On Android device, go to "Google Plus" --> "People" --> "🔎" and enter the pilot's name.

Google Play friends list bug

You may notice that your friends list is empty or missing people. To fix this, disable Google Play Store and then uninstall updates to Google Play Games. If that doesn't fix it, download and install Google Play Games version 3.5.17. If you don't want to disable Play Store, you can disable auto-updates for Google Play Games, but you may have to repeat these steps occasionally.

Also see:

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