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According to Pixonic, a new small and fast robot called Bolt will be released soon (probably in the next update). It will have the Dash ability. However, there seems to be a lack of information about it and it isn’t on the Test Server yet.


Blaze (Light Ember) - was tested


Compact flamethrower that burns targets with a high-temperature mixture, ignoring both energy and physical shields. As any flamethrower, it's effective mostly against slow target at close range.

Level 8 statistics:

  • Hardpoint type: Light
  • Damage type: Energy & Splash
  • Damage: 160 per liter
  • Clip size: 300 liters
  • Rate of fire: 30 liters/sec
  • Reload: 3 seconds

Marquess (Light Dragoon) - was tested


Automatic energy weapon, perfect for firefights at medium distances. Possesses high accuracy and reloads while firing.

Level 8 statistics:

  • Hardpoint type: Light
  • Damage type: Energy
  • Damage: 3,000 per charge
  • Clip size: 4 charges
  • Rate of fire: 1 charge/sec
  • Reload: 3 seconds per charge

Calamity (Heavy Spark/Scourge) - was tested


Extremely powerful energy weapon, disintegrating enemies with a flow of high energy particles. Its power grows as the distance decreases, leaving no chance for those who get too close.

Level 8 statistics:

  • Hardpoint type: Heavy
  • Damage type: Energy
  • Damage: 486 per charge (at 400 meters)
  • Clip size: 100 charges
  • Rate of fire: 10 charge/sec
  • Reload: 5 seconds
  • Extra: Lock-on required


Quantum Radar - currently being tested


While active, allows the equipped robot to target enemies that are in stealth.

Type: Active
Duration: 6 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Frequency Changer - was tested

Allows you to create a zone in which you can’t be targeted or target enemies outside the zone.

Type: Active
Duration: 15 seconds
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Repair Unit


Restores a portion of robot’s durability.

Type: Active
Repair per second: 5%
Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Lock-Down Ammo


All weapons get a temporary chance to immobilize the enemy.

Type: Active
Lock-down chance: 50%
Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Last Stand


Upon reaching critical durability level, robot becomes temporarily invulnerable.

Level 6 Statistics:
Type: Passive
Activation threshold: 30% durability
Duration: 4.5 seconds

Battle Born


Right after deploying on the battlefield, robot gets a temporary reduction on all incoming damage

Level 6 Statistics:
Type: Passive
Resistance: 50%
Duration: 30 seconds

Death Mark


With each hit on the enemy, the module accumulates a charge. The target hit last after the module is charged is marked and receives increased damage

Level 6 Statistics:
Type: Passive
Extra damage enemy receives: 16%
Duration: 7 seconds

Armor Kit


Armor plating, increases robot durability.

Level 3 Statistics:
Type: Passive
Durability increase: 6%
Duration: ∞

Heavy Armor Kit


Armor plating, increases robot durability. Better than Armor Kit.

Level 6 Statistics:
Type: Passive
Durability increase: 12%
Duration: ∞

Nuclear Reactor


Increases weapons’ damage.

Level 3 Statistics:
Type: Passive
Damage increase: 4%
Duration: ∞

Thermonuclear Reactor


Increases weapons’ damage. Better than Nuclear reactor.

Level 6 Statistics:
Type: Passive
Damage increase: 8%
Duration: ∞



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