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Robots and weapons

Hellburner (Exploding Schutze) - coming soon



A light robot, with one light and one heavy hardpoint.

Level 8 Statistics:

Health: 118,000

Speed: 58 kph

Ability: Overload

Ability Cooldown: 3 seconds

Ability Info: Receives a 100% speed boost for 7 seconds before detonation, dealing 40650 to enemy bots and to itself.

Extra: This bot also deals damage upon being destroyed. 

Mercury (Small Inquisitor) - in early testing stages



A robot, with one heavy and two light hardpoints.

Level 8 statistics: 

Health: 105,000

Speed: 44 kph

Ability: Helldive

Ability Cooldown: 24 seconds

Ability Info: The robot jumps with stealth, upon pressing the ability button in midair will cause it to smash to the ground, causing 25,750 damage to nearby enemies, and after landing gets 4 more seconds of stealth.

Pursuer (Stalker 2.0) - in early testing stages



A robot, with three light hardpoints.

Level 8 statistics:

Health: 105,000

Speed: 64 kph

Ability: Hunt

Ability Cooldown: 20 seconds

Ability Info: Receives a 67% speed boost and stealth for 10 seconds.

Thermite (Heavy Aphid /Vortex) - in early testing stages



Level 8 statistics:

Damage: 26320

Range: 350 meters

Reload: 10 seconds

Clip Size: 4 rockets

Ballista (Medium Trebuchet) - in early testing stages



Level 8 statistics:

Damage: 480-9600

Range: 1100 meters

Reload: 3-23 seconds

Ion (Medium Zeus) - in early testing stages



Level 8 statistics:

Damage: 7700

Range: 600 meters

Reload: 5 seconds


"Ship" (Helicarrier, Carrier, Freighter) - coming soon


Carrier (Early version)


Carrier (Latest Version)

A map of relative range. Opportunity for both sniping and knifing are present here. Obstacles such as equipment and control towers act as the natural shields on this map. First map where beacons are allocated in a straight line. Has two levels; lower one with tunnels.

This map was also notable for having a similar design to the Helicarrier from the Avengers, hence the name "Helicarrier".

The time setting for this map is in perpetual sunset. The first map to be set on such a time of day.

In latest version, this map has an environmental hazard. It occurs when a robot falls into the sea, thus causing the robot to be destroyed.

"Rome" (Gladiator City)



A relatively large map. Opportunity is at its peak for all roles here. A series of buildings scattered across a city, with a colosseum at its center. The buildings and the colosseum act as natural blockades.

The time setting for this map is dusk, which gives off a feeling of gloom. Like Yamantau and Springfield, the center is always a heated location, with bots often meeting their demise here.


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Two castles, divided by a huge rift with bridges spanning the gap. The first map with environmental hazard - once you fall into the rift you need to spawn another bot.

Bridge (Little Yamantau)

Screenshot 4 (1)


The map has two bridges like Yamantau. It's also smaller, more accessible, and has more buildings. One bridge looks like a "D" from the English alphabet, and the other bridge is a straight line.  

Game Modes

Free-For-All - coming soon

No teammates, No friends. Everyone on the map is an enemy.

Improve - King of the Hill

Added more beacons and changed location of beacons in some maps

Others (Technicalities, Stats, Etc.)

Battle Rewards - coming soon

Another new reward system in the game. This system bring even more loot to your table, rewarding you greatly if you're an active player. For every match completed, you progress towards a crate with a guaranteed amount of gold, silver and components. 

Combat UI improvements - coming in 2018

Enemy power indication, if enemy’s robot is significantly stronger than yours an icon will appear near the opponents name. HP bars for allies and for physical shields, targeting zoom to aid shooting from afar, custom UI scaling to allow you to make buttons bigger or smaller, and better hit markers are also in store.
Screenshot 20171118-192931

Lastly, a reload button is planned, allowing players to reload partially emptied clips.

Hanger UI improvements - coming in 2018

New weapon/robot description format and improved inventory sorting.

Matchmaking improvements - coming in 2018

Content blur ids

Low priority queue icons

A visual representation of low priority queue along with changes to it. Also, giving players the ability to rejoin the battle after disconnecting, and a report system are planned.

Clan improvements - coming in 2018

Players in search of a clan will get the list of recommended clans they can join, and they will be able to pick a country they are from. Also regional leaderboards are planned.

Workshop 2.0 - coming in 2018

In the new Workshop, you will be able to produce components of your choosing just as you did with Workshop Points before.

New Module Customization - planned for 2019

Each robot receives one more slot in which you can put a new type of equipment. For example one module can teach your robot how to jump, while another gives it a resistance to certain types of damage.  


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