…High projectile speed makes this weapon a great choice at medium range, while large area of impact lets it damage opponents protected by Écu shield or a cover. Deadly at short range. High reload time… – in-game description

Pinata (Light Missile)

The Pinata is a rapid fire missile launcher with a maximum range of 300m. It delivers a huge amount of damage over a very short period of time. Even two fully upgraded Pinata's are dangerous at close range.

The Pinata is one of the weapons that is able to penetrate the Écu shield and while the splash damage is not as great as the Pin, it can still damage robots partially behind cover.

Pinata has the same "fire when reload" mechanism as Orkan, Tulumbas, Pin and Thunder, making it extremely usable in destroying crippled bots.

It is common to see three Pinatas on a Leo, Gepard or four on a Jesse or Gl. Patton as three or four of these can cause crippling damage.They are also frequently mounted in pairs on a variety of robots including Galahad, Destrier, Stalker, Vityaz, Rhino and Griffin. They are also frequently paired up with two Orkans on a Griffin or Rhino, called "Death Button" (DB for short) for the devastating damage that could be dealt in one salvo.


  • Prior to 2.9 update the Pinata fired 16 missiles, the in-game model showed 17 red-tipped missiles.
  • After 2.9 update Pinata damage was decreased, but number of rockets goes up, from 16 to 17
  • It was rebalanced in update 2.9, when "fire when reload" mechanism introduced, additional missile added; fire rate and damage per rocket lowered. This results in:
    DPS dropped: -23.5%
    cycleDPS dropped: -5%
  • The name Pinata (piñata in spanish) is a direct reference of the traditional ornament which is torn apart with a decorated stick in Latin American festivities.
  • The prefix "SURA-F" was removed in version 2.5 for convenience

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 680 290,000 - 5639 11560 678
6 750 (+10%) 400,000 8 hours 6220 12750 748
7 820 (+9%) 800,000 17 hours 6800 13940 818
8 900 (+10%) 1,500,000 21 hours 7463 15300 897
9 990 (+10%) 3,000,000 1 day 1 hours 8210 16830 987
10 1090 (+10%) 5,000,000 1 day 7 hours 9039 18530 1087
11 1200 (+10%) 8,000,000 1 day 18 hours 9951 20400 1196
12 1320 (+10%) 13,000,000 2 days 9 hours 10946 22440 1316

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