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…High projectile speed makes this weapon a great choice at medium range, while large area of impact lets it damage opponents protected by Écu shield or a cover. Deadly at short range. High reload time… – in-game description

Pinata (Light Missile)

The Pinata is a rapid fire missile launcher with a maximum range of 300m. It delivers a huge amount of damage over a very short period of time. Even two fully upgraded Pinata's are dangerous at close range.

The Pinata is one of the weapons that is able to penetrate the Écu shield and while the splash damage is not as great as the Pin, it can still damage robots partially behind cover.

While it deals high damage, its long reload time may leave your robot defenseless while reloading. Because of this it is recommended to employ a “hit and run” strategy and retreat behind cover immediately after firing.

It is common to see three Pinatas on a Gepard or four on a Gl. Patton as three or four of these can cause crippling damage.They are also frequently mounted in pairs on a variety of robots including, Destrier, Stalker, Vityaz, Rhino and Griffin. They are also frequently paired up with two Orkans on a Griffin or Rhino, called "Death Button" (DB for short) for the devastating damage that could be dealt in one salvo.


  • While the Pinata fires 16 missiles, the in-game model shows 17 red-tipped missiles.
  • The name Pinata (piñata in spanish) is a direct reference of the traditional ornament which is torn apart with a decorated stick in Latin American festivities.
  • The prefix "SURA-F" was removed in version 2.5 for convenience.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 737 290,000 - 7370 11792 710
6 810 (+10%) 400,000 8 hours 8100 12960 781
7 890 (+10%) 800,000 17 hours 8900 14240 858
8 979 (+10%) 1,500,000 21 hours 9790 15664 944
9 1075 (+10%) 3,000,000 1 day 1 hours 10750 17200 1036
10 1182 (+10%) 5,000,000 1 day 7 hours 11820 18912 1139
11 1299 (+10%) 8,000,000 1 day 18 hours 12990 20784 1252
12 1427 (+10%) 13,000,000 2 days 9 hours 14270 22832 1375

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