…Pin is a medium-range unguided rocket launcher. Rockets have a large AOE (area of effect). Deal damage to a group of enemies as well as their physical shields or enemies taking cover. Automatic firing mode. Smart reload system.… – in-game description

The Pin is a light rocket weapon. It was released in the first version of the game.

Being a rocket weapon, the Pin causes Splash Damage which enables it to penetrate physical shields, which will affect robots behind cover. It cannot, however, splash past energy shields. The rockets need to make contact with the enemy robot, or else they will continue to fly to their maximum distance.

It is quite hard to grasp a difference between Pin and Pinata for a new player; however the difference is pretty simple.

A Pinata deals more damage, but at the 300 meters range maximum, all rockets explode, and can't deal damage to a target at 310 meters, even when taking splash damage into account.

Pins deals less damage (so, it's under performing in close range fights), however, rockets fly all the way to 500 meters, and, due to the nature of splash damage, could even damage a robot at around 510 meters.

Therefore, a Pinata does more damage, while a Pin has a longer distance.

This weapon is also considered to be the light version of the Tulumbas. They have the same range and damage type, giving them synergy. Together they form what is called a "Russian Death Button".

Update History

Update 3.1

  • Damage reduced by 5%

Update 2.9.3

  • RPS decreased from 2.5 to 2

Update 2.9.0

  • New design

Previous design

  • Damage increased
  • New "reloads while firing" mechanism added.


  • The shape of the weapon similarly represents a clothing pin.
  • The word Pin also is from a real-life object that is used to fasten cloths or soft objects by piercing through the object.
  • After the Pin fires a rocket, it appears to clip off the stopper on the top and bottom and when it fires, the Two parts appear to open almost instantly.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 1420 290k Ag 2840 5680 473
6 1560 (+10%) 400k 8 h 3120 6240 520
7 1710 (+10%) 800k 17 h 3420 6840 570
8 1880 (+10%) 1,500k 21 h 3760 7520 627
9 2070 (+10%) 3,000k 1 d 1 h 4140 8280 690
10 2280 (+10%) 5,000k 1 d 7 h 4560 9120 760
11 2510 (+10%) 8,000k 1 d 18 h 5020 10040 837
12 2760 (+10%) 13,000k 2 d 9 h 5520 11040 920