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…High projectile speed makes this weapon a great choice at medium range, while large area of impact lets it damage opponents protected by Écu shield or a cover. High reload time… – in-game description

Pin (Light Rocket)

The Pin is a missile weapon that fires four missiles to a maximum range of 500 meters. The Pin requires target lock-on, otherwise the shots will fire straight from the Pin and detonate at the maximum range.

Being a missile weapon, the Pin causes Splash Damage which enables it to penetrate physical shields (Not energy shields) which will affect robots behind cover. For example a player can fire their Pins at a robot just before it comes into view around a corner. The enemy robots will take damage even before it has line of sight and can bring its own weapons to bear. Their large damage radius also makes it possible to damage multiple enemy robots that are within close proximity of each other.

This advantage of splash damage is offset by their weaker overall damage than other light non-missile weapons. Hitting the enemy before ducking back behind cover is the most commonly used tactic especially as the 12 second reload time can leave the player's robot vulnerable.

Because the Pin causes splash damage, it makes them particularly effective against stealthed Stalkers since landing a hit in the general area of the robot will damage them. It also has been known to be an effective weapon against a Rhino, as the splash damage will still damage a Rhino even if it is in Assault Mode with the shield active. As such, it has recently gained popularity among pro players as an Anti-Rhino tactic, as many pro players use Rhino's equipped with Orkans. Because the Pin has a range of 500m, and the Orkan only has a range of 300m, The Pin can hit the Rhino far earlier than the Orkan can hit you.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 1318 290k Ag 3295 5272 388
6 1454 (+10%) 400k 8 h 3635 5816 428
7 1598 (+10%) 800k 17 h 3995 6392 470
8 1756 (+10%) 1,500k 21 h 4390 7024 516
9 1924 (+10%) 3,000k 1 d 1 h 4810 7696 566
10 2117 (+10%) 5,000k 1 d 7 h 5293 8468 623
11 2329 (+10%) 8,000k 1 d 18 h 5823 9316 685
12 2561 (+10%) 13,000k 2 d 9 h 6403 10244 753

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