…Short-range unguided rocket launcher. Rockets have a medium AOE (area of effect). Deal damage to a group of enemies as well as their physical shields or enemies taking cover. Automatic firing mode.… – in-game description


The Orkan is a medium rocket weapon. It was released in version 0.6.3.

This rocket launcher is similar to the Pinata in terms of fire rate, splash area and reloading mechanism; however it has more ammunition (32 rockets).

The rockets explode upon impact causing splash damage. Splash damage allows rockets to damage nearby enemy robots, damage robots protected by an Écu shield and damage robots behind cover. However, while very similar to the Pinata, the Orkan does more damage per rocket.

Due to "Smart reload" mechanism, it is able to unleash single rocket or an entire volley of rockets on a target, and also it can continue to be fired while it is reloading. The rockets need to make contact with the enemy robot, or else they will continue to fly to their maximum distance.

Firing a small part of your salvo is good against a weak\wounded target - a pilot can fire only as many rockets as necessary to destroy it. This leaves the weapon ready for the next engagement with a shorter reload time to completely refill. This characteristic was added to Pinata, Tulumbas and Pins in update 2.9.0

The Orkan has one of the shortest effective ranges of any weapon and a lower damage per minute than its most common competitor, the Taran. Another consideration is that the rockets have a relatively slow speed and small splash radius, and faster bots can avoid taking damage entirely at longer ranges by outrunning its rockets. The weapon is best used at a very short range where the rockets are more likely to hit.

Because of its ability to deliver heavy damage in a very short amount of time, reload while firing, and ignore physical shields of the robots like the Rhino or the Lancelot, it is considered one of the best weapons in the game.

There is a bug where some rockets explode upon launching. It also happens with Tulumbas but more often. It appears to happen when the robot is in motion. Especially when it's falling or jumping. The Orkan also sometimes has difficulty in aiming at targets when the user is in mid-air, causing most rockets to miss. However, this is not a problem at close range. One can also fire a short burst of rockets when cornershooting against a more powerful opponent to deter them, giving them the impression that your weapons are fully reloaded when they are in fact almost empty. Firing only a small burst is crucial as firing all your rockets defeats the purpose of this tactic, which is to deter enemies until your weapons have fully reloaded. One can also fire rockets at the sides of obstacles to damage enemies hiding behind cover, due to the Orkan's splash damage. 

Update history

Update 2.9.3

  • Damage increased by 15%

Update, 2.9.0

  • Damage increased by 15%
  • Firing rate decreased by 17%

Update 2.5

  • Bug fix: Reload now starts right after the first shot.

Update 0.8.0

  • Reload time reduced


  • Orkan translates to hurricane or storm in German, which describes this weapon’s nature well, as it can launch a “hurricane” of rockets.
  • The name may be a reference to the M-87 Orkan, a Yugoslav multiple rocket launcher.
  • Prior to 2.9 update Orkan was using same rockets as Pinata, only x2 capacity (Pinata was 16 rockets, and Orkan was 32)

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 970 1,200 Au 7959 31040 1350
6 1070 (+10%) 720,000 15h 8779 34240 1489
7 1180 (+10%) 1,400,000 1d 6h 9682 37760 1642
8 1300 (+10%) 2,700,000 1d 14h 10667 41600 1809
9 1430 (+10%) 5,400,000 1d 21h 11733 45760 1990
10 1570 (+10%) 9,000,000 2d 7h 12882 50240 2184
11 1720 (+10%) 14,000,000 3d 3h 14113 55040 2393
12 1890 (+10%) 23,000,000 4d 7h 15508 60480 2630