…Missile complex designed to deliver plunging fire on slow-moving groups of robots. Cannot lock on targets within 300m radius… – in-game description


The Noricum is a long-range (300-1,100 meters) light rocket weapon.


This is an artillery weapon designed for long to medium ranged combat. Most common on heavy robots, the Noricum fires a spread of 14 rounds at 25 meter radius point area marked by the cross-hairs on the game screen. Although its maximum range is 1,100 meters, the spread of the shots (25m radius) is generally similar regardless of what distance it is fired at. Due to the spread, the Noricum doesn't do full damage to light, medium or some heavy bots.

For accuracy, 600–300 meters is the suggested firing distance. Equipped with several units, a robot can become a mobile artillery platform, capable of long range bombardment. Because of how it fires, the Noricum can hit most enemies behind cover, unless they are both behind cover and underneath an obstacle.

Within 600 meters and less, the Noricum becomes more powerful as the rockets hit the target only shortly after firing, as the arc's height decreases as the target is closer to the bot carrying it. Inside of 300 meters, the Noricum becomes useless unless the robot manages to place the Noricum unit directly under an enemy robot, the two robots are directly next to the same wall, or the robot firing the Noricum is directly under a thin walkway the enemy robot is on. The Noricum's splash damage properties can cause large damage in a very short amount of time. However, it is much more difficult to utilize and does less damage than the Pinata or Orkan. It is not recommended to be used in that way.

Mounting Options

This weapon's best use is on a Patton or Leo and used as a mid-ranged artillery ambusher. This weapon will do lots of damage if used correctly. However, If an enemy moves directly towards you, the Noricums will miss some of their missiles, making this weapon only useful against slow or large bots without using prediction and target leading. On a Natasha, it may be useful for launching sudden attacks on enemy robots.

Mark II Statistics

Purchase Information

Damage Cycle
5 290,000 Ag 610 8540 534

Upgrade Information

Level Cost(Ag) Time Damage Cycle
6 400,000 8 hours 670 9380 586
7 800,000 17 hours 736 10304 644
8 1,500,000 21h hours 809 11326 708
9 3,000,000 1 day 1 hour 889 12446 778
10 5,000,000 1 day 7 hours 977 13678 855
11 8,000,000 1 day 18 hours 1074 15036 940
12 13,000,000 2 days 9 hours 1180 16520 1033
Cost Time
Totals 31,700,000 8 days 9 hours

  • This table shows the damage of each individual rocket.

Mark II Statistics

Level Cost Damage Cycle
5 500 Au 731 10234 640

Upgrade Information

Level Cost(Ag) Time Damage Cycle
6 400,000 8 hours 804 11256 704
7 800,000 17 hours 883 12362 773
8 1,500,000 21h hours 971 13594 850
9 3,000,000 1 day 1 hour 1067 14938 934
10 5,000,000 1 day 7 hours 1172 16408 1026
11 8,000,000 1 day 18 hours 1288 18032 1127
12 13,000,000 2 days 9 hours 1416 19824 1239
Cost Time
Totals 31,700,000 8 days 9 hours

  • This table shows the damage of each individual rocket.

Update History

Version Changes
3.2.0 New design
Damage decreased by 5%
3.1 Damage decreased by 31%
Minimum range decreased from 400 meters to 300 meters
Maximum range increased from 900 meters to 1100 meters
Projectile speed doubled
Missile arc is slightly adjusted
Missile spread is less dependent on distance
0.9.1 Area of damage decreased by 16.5%
Blast radius of shells increased by 11%
0.9.0 Damage increased by 40%
Velocity of shells increased by 50%
Maximum shooting range increased from 800 meters tо 900 meters
0.8.0 Damage increased
Reload time increased
0.6.1 Blast radius is increased by 10%
0.3.0 Minimum range increased to 400 meters
0.1.0 Weapon was added to the game

Design prior to version 3.2.0


  • This used to be considered the weakest weapon in the game. The spread of rockets did not do much damage to a single robot, but was semi useful against sniper Raijin, as the Noricum does splash damage. This was changed in update 3.1 where the rocket spread was reduced and the rocket speed was doubled. Their damage was also reduced to balance it out
  • Noricum is the Latin name for a Celtic kingdom, or federation of tribes, that included most of modern Austria and part of Slovenia.
  • This weapon was used very frequently during this game's first few weeks on natashas as sniper weapons, despite their large rocket spread and low rocket speed. This weapon died out after faster bots started appearing.