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…High durability and low speed. Designed for long-ranged combat… – in-game description

Natasha (Heavy Robot)

The Natasha is a Heavy Robot with 2 Heavy and 2 Light hardpoints.

It's base speed of 25 mph at level 6, makes it the slowest robot in the game. Only the Rhino is slower at base speed, however the Rhino has the advantage of Assault mode so for all practical purposes it is faster. Primarily used for long range support fire, it doubles as a semi-mobile artillery platform, depending on the weapons attached to the Light hard points. The Natasha's slow speed and large size makes it difficult for the Natasha to utilise cover so be prepared to soak up a lot of damage. A typical sniper Natasha would be outfitted with two GEKKOs and two Trebuchets.

It can sometimes be outfitted with close-medium range weapons (i.e. ECC Thunder) to become a close-range beacon defense tower. However, its slow speed becomes an issue.

The Natasha is comparable to the Fury, but has one less heavy hardpoint in exchange for two light hardpoints.


  • Using this robot will keep you out of bronze tier regardless of weapons level.
  • The Natasha features the number "02" on its front and back.
  • In the 1.6.0 update, Natasha's base and max speed is increased.
  • Because of the update, now the Rhino is the slowest robot, without using Abilities in the game.
  • Inspiration seems to be based off of Lun-Class Ekranoplan


Level Cost Health Speed Time
6 1,700k Ag 110,000 27 -
7 1,000k 117,000 28 1 day
8 2,000k 124,000 29 1 day 1 hours
9 2,500k 132,000 30 1 day 2 hours
10 3,500k 140,000 30 1 day 4 hours
11 7,000k 149,000 30 1 days 7 hours
12 9,000k 158,000 30 1 days 9 hours

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