…Superheavy long-range weapon. Huge damage in a single shot. Difficult to utilize at short range.… – in-game description


The Nashorn is a heavy gun. It fires a single shell that travels in a straight line from the end of the gun to the target. It comes as the standard weapon on the Schutze, Vityaz and Golem, and is the first heavy weapon available to the player. Due to this, it is commonly seen on the heavy slots of many new players.

The relatively fast reload speed of 9 seconds makes it a good bombardment snipers that can keep enemies under cover effectively. The Nashorn is an effective mid-range sniping weapon, however, it can sometimes miss at longer ranges as fast moving and/or farther robots will have a very brief period of time to dodge the shell. At ranges below 600m, this weapon will rarely miss.

Compared to the other gun type heavy cannon, the Kang Dae has a faster bullet travel speed, more damage per shot, but has a longer reload time which limits the cycle damage of the Kang Dae. The fast reload time makes the Nashorn a more DPM (Damage Per Minute) orientated sniping weapon at medium range with function in long range, while the more accurate Kang Dae is better suited to the long range sniping role and damage per shot.

Equipped on a Fury, a set of three upgraded Nashorn’s can serve as a good bombardment sniper, alternating between forcing enemy robots behind cover while still being able to damage enemy bots often enough to keep pressure on them and softening them up for the knife fighters.

Despite this, it is generally not advisable to have more than one Nashorn or sniper unit on the field at one time due to how focused the game is on controlling beacons.

Before Update 1.6.0, the Nashorn had an extremely slow bullet speed, to the point that it barely ever connected to targets at long range. The update increased the bullet speed by 45%, which made the bullet significantly harder to avoid. However, there still is an extremely small period of time where one can potentially dodge the bullet by changing directions or by simply jumping.

Update History

Update 3.0.0

Damage increased by 10%

Update 2.5.0

Kwk renamed to Nashorn

Update 1.6.0
Bullet speed increased by 45%


  • This gun has higher DPM than the Kang Dae or Trebuchet, however, it has lower damage per shot.
  • Nashorn Means Rhino in German (Literally "Nose-Horn")
  • "Nashorn" is also the name of a World War II German Tank destroyer
  • In the original name, KwK 448mm, the 448mm probably meant the diameter of the barrel which is approx. half a meter. That's a large shell being fired.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
3 4100 100,000 Ag 4100 4100 410
4 4500 (+10%) 80,000 2 hours 4500 4500 450
5 4940 (+10%) 400,000 8 hours 4940 4940 494
6 5430 (+10%) 800,000 17 hours 5430 5430 543
7 5970 (+10%) 1,600,00 1 d 9 hours 5970 5970 597
8 6560 (+10%) 3,000,000 1 day 18 hours 6560 6560 656
9 7210 (+10%) 6,000,000 2 days 2 hours 7210 7210 721
10 7920 (+10%) 10,000,000 2 days 13 hours 7920 7920 792
11 8700 (+10%) 16,000,000 3 days 11 hours 8700 8700 870
12 9560 (+10%) 26,000,000 4 days 18 hours 9560 9560 956

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