…Moon - territory of a scientific research complex located on the Moon. Structure is equipped with special energy installations maintaining Earth gravity level.

Map is fully symmetrical and provides both teams with equal conditions at the start of the battle.… – in-game description

Moon (Map)

Moon is a symmetrical, multi-layer fast-paced map, perfect for close range combat.

Moon beacons

A lot of barriers and different levels of elevation makes it especially good for jumping robots such as Rogatka, Griffin and Cossack.

Short range weaponry like Orkan, Taran, Magnum are very effective, due to relatively no barriers\buildings suitable for holding positional warfare.

It is virtually impossible to hold any single beacon for prolonged period of time, thus making gameplay very dynamic, and battles - short. In typical a battle active player in a fast bot could easily get 10 beacon capture per game; typical shorting battles to 4–5 minutes long.

Center beacon is located in a tower, and can be captured from below actual beacon, much like in Yamantau or Canyon; and also from above the beacon.

Every other beacon surrounded by several pylon-like structures, providing cover from enemy plasma\bullet fire to some extent; however, splash damage]] can still harm player.

Snipers are practically useless here, due to the cover and size of the map. Using snipers here is not recommended.

Tips from Pixonic:

  1. Center beacon capture requires teamwork, as you can hold it at 3 spots: the central construction, tunnel underneath and its roof;
  2. Tunnel position allows for an easy reach of 2 beacons located at each entrance, and is thus strategically viable. It also blocks attacks from above;
  3. Map edges lack cover, so beware of damage by homing missiles;
  4. Map is well-suited for robots with jump ability;
  5. Pick fast light robots for the ease of maneuverability.
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  • Released in update 2.8.0
  • There a several places on this map that a Raijin is able to climb, as it is slightly similar to the Canyon map
  • This is the ambient sountrack: