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There are three types of currency in the game: Silver (Ag), Gold (Au), and Workshop Points (WP). Silver and Gold are covered in depth here.

Workshop Points are generated in the Workshop, which is unlocked after level 20. Currently, there are five robots and five different weapons that require Workshop points for purchase.

Main article: Workshop Points



Buy Silver screen

Silver is the most easily acquired type of money. Over half of the robot types and most of the equipment costs silver. It is the only type of money used to upgrade robots and items to higher levels.

Silver is awarded for a variety of accomplishments during battles: most significantly the total damage dealt to enemies. Other events that earn silver are: number of robots destroyed (killing shots), number of Beacons capped, and number of critical hits (shots that destroy weapons or slow a robot's movement speed). Winning the match will add a 50% bonus. Additionally, the first 3 victories of the day will give an extra 30,000 silver to the player.

Additional Silver can be purchased in the game by spending Gold, and you can earn more silver per match by buying Premium.

  • 500K Silver for 250 Gold
  • 1,500K Silver for 650 Gold
  • 5,000K Silver for 2,000 Gold
  • 15,000K Silver for 5,600 Gold
  • 50,000K Silver for 18,500 Gold



Buy Gold screen

See also: Medals

Gold is the most difficult money to come by and its most important use is unlocking hangar slots. It can also be used to purchase certain robots and items, most of which are highly sought after. Other uses include accelerating upgrade time and purchasing additional Workshop Points (WP).

A player earns 50 Gold each time they level up. Gold can also be earned during battles by winning medals. Four medals are awarded each game to players on the winning team. A "Medal of Capture" awards 5 gold for capturing the most beacons, and the "Medal of Valor" medals award 5 gold for first place, 3 gold for second place, and 1 gold for third place. More information about medals earned during a match can be found by pushing Rewards next to the Team button at the match review screen. If the player did not get any medals, this button will be greyed out.

Each day two daily missions are assigned which award gold (or less commonly WP) when completed.


Additional Gold can be purchased by spending money:

  • 500 for $4.99, $7.99AU, £4.03
  • 1,200 for $9.99, $14.99AU, £8.06
  • 2,500 for $19.99, $30.99AU, £16.13
  • 6,500 for $49.99, $79.99AU, £40.32
  • 14,000 for $99.99, $150.99AU, £80.77

For tips on gold farming, visit the Gold Farming Page.

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Repair costs

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