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Maps are the battlegrounds on which players fight. Each map has 5 beacons that can be captured by either team. Victory can be achieved by capturing (and holding) beacons or destroying all enemy robots. Maps are chosen randomly each match.

There are six maps that range in topography, size, and amount of open ground.

  • Yamantau is a large open-air, snowy map with many bridges, very little cover, and two large sniping platforms. The central beacon is located on an elevated platform with a good amount of cover. It is based on Mount Yamantau, a real location in the world.
  • Shenzhen is a city map with many buildings of various heights surrounding an open central plaza containing the central beacon. Long straight avenues provide lots of cover, while the large open central area provides none. It is based on a Chinese town.
  • Springfield is a large map divided in two by a dried riverbed. One side is mostly open farmland and the other with buildings providing plenty of cover. It is a map with multiple possible spawn points. There is a dam on one side of the map and two bridges connecting the two halves of the map.
  • Dead City is a small symmetrical canyon like map with the center beacon located in a crater. Its many buildings make it great for close range combat. It is based on a city that has been devastated by a nuclear bomb.
  • Canyon is a small, dusty map with little cover. The map gets its name from the ravine in the middle; the center beacon is on a bridge just above the ravine. Close and medium range bots will excel on this map.
  • Power Plant is a tightly packed map that heavily favors rocket weaponry and jumping robots. It has a unique kite-like beacon layout.
  • Moon is a symmetrical map with narrow corridors favoring close combat.

Map Blueprints


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