This is the League table. This player is in the Diamond League, which is why the Diamond League column is highlighted.

Leagues are the Matchmaking tier you are placed in. During battles, you play against players close to or at your league. The leagues are as follows: Recruit, Private, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Expert, Master and Champion, the highest league.

Every time you move up a league, you gain gold, which encourages some to win, instead of tanking. There is also the Legend League, which is the top 50 players. These players tend to have trophy counts above 5500, which is a player's challenge to match. To move up a league, players have to win battles. The more damage they deal, the more trophies they get. Losing battles makes players lose trophies.

There is an exclusion to the rule, however - lowest league player (Private and Recruit) can receive minimum of zero points, so you can not get negative score.

As of version 2.9.0 League points distribution changed once again, and now looks like:

Win Loose
+13 +7
+10 +3
+7 -5
+4 -11
+3 -17
+2 -22


Extra rating points for 3 happy pilots (+3, +2 and +1, respectively) who captured most beacons among all the 12 players from both teams. 

Pilots with equal amount of beacons will be sorted by amount of damage they dealt. Say, you and your teammate captured three beacons each, but you inflicted more pain to the enemy than your companion did. That means, you’ll get your 3 bonus points and he’ll get 2. 

If you play in a squad, rating points will still be distributed evenly among all teammates, and that includes beacon bonuses. Points are always rounded upwards: average 5.5 will always turn into 6 for everyone.

League Advancement Reward

Once a player has advanced to a new league by earning a certain amount of trophies, a player will receive a gold reward. The higher the League is, the higher the amount of gold a player receives.

NOTE that advancement reward is paid only once. So, moving down a League before season ends, and then moving back up won't generate additional gold.

Recruit has four Tiers, every other league has three Tiers; rewards are indicated accordingly:

Recruit and Private League has received tiers in the new update

Recruit: 20\20\20\20\20

Private League: 20\20\20

Bronze League: 20\30\40

Silver League: 50\60\70

Gold League: 80\90\100

Diamond League: 110\120\130

Expert League: 140\150\160

Master League: 170\180\190

Champion League: 200\250\350


  • Leagues are the replacement for Tiers, used in old matchmaking
  • It is very controversial, and inspiring a lot of rants on WR forum
  • League points were revised three times as of June 2017
  • In the 2.9 update beacon capping also rewarded, which previously wasn't
  • League points rewards could be changed on server, without updating the game app itself

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