…Powerful and intimidating, Lancelot is truly a force to be reckoned with… – in-game description



Possible protagonist for Lancelot

The Lancelot is a heavy robot with 1 heavy and 2 medium hardpoints. It was released in version 1.8.

This robot comes equipped with many special abilities, which makes it an extremely powerful robot in battle. Its Rush ability can be activated to quickly close in on opponents or for retreat, and its fixed physical shields can block most non-explosive projectiles if facing the right direction.

Similar to the Raijin, a Lancelot’s shield is actually composed of several (three, in case of a Lancelot) separate pieces which can each be blown off separately.


The Lancelot has 1 × heavy slot and 2 × medium hardpoints, providing the potential for high damage output. Equipping it with a Thunder and 2 × Tarans or Orkans can provide devastating damage in battles, however it is more common in higher tiers to see the Lancelot armed with an Ancile instead of a Thunder, as the Ancile grants the Lancelot increased survivability and versatility against rockets, and two medium hardpoints can still deal high damage. Mid-range builds such as one Trident and two Tulumbas can also be effective. However, it is recommended to build the Lancelot as a knife fighter instead, in order to gain full use of its abilities and shields.


Due to the three-piece physical shield, it is extremely vulnerable to splash damage. A single rocket can potentially deal 4 × normal damage if the splash damage hits all three shields and the main robot. Please note that this still only does the regular rocket damage to the main health of the robot, but it means you can destroy the physical shields much faster with splash damage than against a single physical shield bot such as the Galahad.

Despite its intimidating appearance, Lancelot’s size is its main flaw. Its extremely wide and large surface area makes it easy for homing missiles to land a hit. Aphids can be extremely effective against Lancelot when not in Rush Mode, as its slow speed makes it too slow to run away from hit and run robots. Even Spirals are effective to an extent. Although wall-hugging is usually a good counter to homing missiles, Lancelot’s surface area still acts as a net, catching most missiles and bullets such as from a Thunder, because of its wide AOE at ranges 100m+. Splash damage weapons such as the Tulumbas are also very effective at hitting such a large target. Due to these, Lancelot must make full use of its Rush Mode, moving between cover and escaping harm’s way.

The Lancelot was designed to counter Rhinos, which it is successful at. It has similar firepower to a Rhino, with similar health and speed (when in Rush). Unlike the Rhino, the Lancelot has a shield active at all times. This way, the Lancelot simply has to face the direction of fire to block the damage instead of having to deactivate the shield in order to move, which is the case of both the Rhino and Raijin. As a result, many top players consider the Lancelot to be on par with these bots. However, the Rhino is a better at capturing beacons, due to it having access to its speed boost at all times, and the Raijin has superior defense.

Update History

Update 2.9.0

  • New skin

Update 2.4.0

  • New skins


  • Lancelot, Galahad and Gareth have been officially dubbed The Knights of Camelot.
  • Unofficially, they are known as the BritBots.
  • Due to its large size, Lancelot has been unofficially dubbed “Chubby” or “Chubs” by Youtuber Adrian Chong, and subsequently, by the entire community.
  • The Lancelot is one of six robots to have a built-in physical shield, the other five being the Rhino, Raijin, Galahad, Bulgasari, and Gareth.
  • The Lancelot is one of the two robots with a built-in physical shield that is not affected by an ability. The other is the Bulgasari.
  • Contrary to popular belief, only one of the three shields will protect the Lancelot in most cases, as it is located at the centre of the bot - where weapons hit it.
  • Most likely named after Sir Lancelot (Sir Lancelot du Lac), one of the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend.
  • Because of its huge size, the Lancelot is surprisingly vulnerable to enemy Punishers and Thunders, as these have a wide cone of fire that hits the bot in its unprotected areas.
  • A Lancelot equipped with an Ancile energy shield is sometimes called an Ancilot.
  • A Lancelot equipped with 2 Tarans and an Ancile is sometimes called a Tarancilot.
  • When rushing, this robot performs an animation on the back, with two thrusters firing at the rear of this robot.
  • This robot is tied with the Rhino for being the slowest heavy robot when not rushing, but it can use its Rush ability to increase its speed to 50 kph for a limited time, allowing it to become the second fastest Heavy robot.
  • This bot has three separate shields, so it is recommended to shoot only one shield to break it fast as possible and damage the robot.


Level Cost Health Shield Speed Time
1 5k Au 86,000 52,000 x3 23
2 20k Ag 92,000 55,000 x3 24 5 min
3 50k 98,000 59,000 x3 25 1 hour
4 100k 104,000 62,000 x3 26 4 hours
5 200k 111,000 67,000 x3 26 10 hours
6 500k 118,000 71,000 x3 27 20 hours
7 1mln 125,000 75,000 x3 28 1 day 8 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds
8 2mln 133,000 80,000 x3 29 1 day 22 hours
9 5mln 141,000 85,000 x3 30 2 days 9 hours
10 7mln 150,000 90,000 x3 30 2 days 21 hours
11 15mln 160,000 96,000 x3 30 4 days 14 hours
12 24mln 170,000 102,000 x3 30 5 days 10 hours
Totals 54.87mln +84,000 +50,000 x3 +7 19 days 23 hours 27 minutes 40 seconds