I always wondered why they called it so. Now I understand. It stole my heart, and I'm sure it will lead me into my grave some day – in-game description


The Kumiho is a medium robot with 2 medium hardpoints. It was released in version 3.1.

Dubbed as a Dash Bot due to its ability. It is one of the three Korean robots, along with the Haechi and the Bulgasari. The Kumiho has the fastest speed and the quickest ability cooldown (5 seconds) of the three. The durability of this robot is equal to that of a Haechi, but it lacks energy or physical shielding.

Although it's logical to assume that the Beasts from the East (Korean robots) would be light, medium and heavy bots, Pixonic stated that they are "moving away from such classification".

Right now every dash is classified as "Medium" by Pixonic.

This robot is the least armed of the Korean dash bots. Comparable to a Rogatka in terms of damage output, and both having the ability to avoid damage, due to their abilities.

Update History

Update 3.6.0

  • New skin


  • Kumiho (Korean: 구미호) means "nine-tailed fox" in Korean. It is a legendary beast appearing in Korean legends that can transform into anything and often eats the liver or heart of its victims.
  • This bot has numerous "tails" on its back, most likely referencing the nine tailed fox this bot is based on. When the robot dashes, the tails lift up for half a second before dropping down again.

Kumiho Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 10,000 Kumiho components 76,000 46
2 20,00081,00047 5 minutes
350,00086,000491 hours
4100,00092,000514 hours
5200,00098,0005310 hours
6500,000104,0005520 hours
71,000,000111,000561 day 8 hours 46 min
82,000,000118,000581 day 22 hours
95,000,000125,000602 day 9 hours
107,000,000133,000602 days 21 hours
1115,000,000141,000604 days 14 hours
1224,000,000150,000605 days 10 hour
Total54,870,000150,0006019 days 23 hours 51 minutes