Weapons of the homing missile type fire self-propelled, self-guided projectiles that can, to some extent, curve around the cover and catch running\jumping enemies.

Homing Missiles must lock onto a target before the missile will fire. Once locked on two green brackets appear to the left and right of the screen, a player can then turn slightly before firing, and because they track, the missiles will curve around and over obstacles if aimed correctly.

This weaponry reminds somewhat of the Rocket type weapons in terms of projectile looks and self-propelling ability. However, there are more differences than similarities between the two.

While Spiral and Hydra will almost always hit the target (provided there are no obstacles between giving and receiving sides, and Stealth was not used), Aphids could miss a fast bot, or jumping bot, or even a rushing robot.

Also it is worth noting that Spiral and Hydra got far superior A.I. and more complex travel path than the Aphids.

Another important thing that should be noted is the fact that no homing missile possess Splash Damage. However some missiles, due to its curved trajectory and complex game physics model, could hit behind or above the shield, dealing some damage.

So while experienced homing missile user can aim missile using strategy for hitting behind\above the shield, experienced shielded bot pilot could point shield toward incoming missile and run the other way, thus receiving missiles with the shield only, and saving the bot HP.

List of Homing Missiles

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