…A swift robot for capturing beacons. It's best suited to an aggressive playstyle… – in-game description


The Hellburner is a light robot with 1 heavy and 1 light hardpoint. It was released in version 3.7.0.


Hellburner has relatively high health and firepower for a light robot. Players are advised to use its ability for taking down a big cluster of robots or use it when you are on low health. If  you have enough health, you can use the ability when you are attacked by more powerful robots such as the Griffin, as you also deal damage when you are destroyed. This means that you may potentially deal double ability damage to the enemy. Using the ability too often is not recommended as it also damages the player as well as the enemy. When using the ability, make sure that your robots is within 50 metres of the enemy robot(s) as otherwise the ability will only damage your robot and not your opponent(s).


Update History

  • The Hellburner was added to the game in update 3.7.0

Hellburner Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 10,000 Components 91,000 46
2 28,00097,00047 2 hours
370,000103,000494 hours
4140,000110,000519 hours
5280,000117,0005318 hours
6700,000124,000551 day 4 hours
71,400,000132,000561 day 18 hours
82,800,000140,000582 days 4 hours
97,000,000149,000602 days 20 hours
109,800,000159,000603 days 12 hours
1121,000,000169,000607 days
1233,600,000180,000608 days
Total76,828,000180,0006027 days 17 hours