They say he will protect us. But is that so? All he's thinking about is bringing Justice... in his own twisted way. – in-game description


The Haechi is one of the three Dashes with the Kumiho and the Bulgasari - belonging to an unnamed Korean faction.

Dubbed as a Dash Bot due to its ability, the durability of a Haechi is equal to that of a Kumiho.

The Haechi possesses three medium hardpoints, tied with the Bulgasari; and is the only Dash Bot with a built-in Ancile. Its Dash ability's cooldown time is 12 seconds per charge, which is 7 seconds longer than that of the Kumiho.

Its energy shield makes it good against most enemies, as it's dash can evade plasma, and splash does nothing. It is considered the most powerful of the dash bots because of this, and due to its 3 medium hardpoints. Perhaps the best way to stop it is to use plasma, and have good aim. Keep moving, and be ready to spin around to counter a dash. Either outfight it with a team, or with skill. Due to its deadliness in teamfights, it is worth focusing down Haechis, as then their allies cannot benefit from the Ancile, and they can no longer utilize their 3 medium hardpoints.


  • Haechi or Haitai (Korean: 해태) is Korean for a legendary creature that appears in Korean and Chinese myths.
  • Although it's logical to assume that the Beasts from the East would be Light, Medium and Heavy bots, Pixonic stated that they are "moving away from such classification".
  • Released in 3.0.1, all three dash bots are able to be won in "The black market" as Pixonic calls it, another time when players can earn event coins or "keys" to buy chests.
  • Haechi is one of the 3 robots to have a built-in ancile, the others being Carnage and Fujin.

Haechi Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthShieldSpeedTime
1 10,000 Haechi components 76,000 34000 33
2 20,00081,0003600034 5 minutes
350,00086,00039000351 hours
4100,00092,00041000374 hours
5200,00098,000440003810 hours
6500,000104,000470003920 hours
71,000,000111,00050000401 day 8 hours 46 min
82,000,000118,00053000421 day 22 hours
95,000,000125,00056000432 day 9 hours
107,000,000133,00060000432 days 21 hours
1115,000,000141,00063000434 days 14 hours
1224,000,000150,00068000435 days 10 hour
Total54,870,000150,000680004319 days 23 hours 51 minutes

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