The Gust is a light hardpoint shotgun.

This weapon works very similarly to the Thunder (much different design though) due to bullet spread and the "reload while firing" mechanic, although it is faster on this shotgun. This makes it a light version of the Thunder since it acts like it in many ways, and should be played similarly to it.

Due to the amount of bullet spread, the weapon should be treated like a knife fighting weapon with effective ranges as close as 200 meters (although you can be closer), even though it can hit from much farther away. Playing with the Gust closely to your enemies can take down Ancile shields and Ecu shields extremely quickly (due to a significant amount of damage) and can easily damage or destroy robots if used correctly. The ability to reload while firing allows it to do very heavy damage in a brief amount of time at close range combat.

Like the other shotguns, in order for the Gust to severely damage another robot, you must get close to your opponents. Not much damage will be done long range due to the bullet spread of the gun. It is recommended you use an Ecu shield or an Ancile shield to close the distance and get close, or you could purchase a damage taking robot (like Leo )

This shotgun does relatively high damage per shot for a light weapon, and firing multiple at a time can be deadly. To purchase the Gust, you must acquire 10,000 Gust components and use them to buy the Gust in Storage (along with other weapons and robots needing components). After purchase, the Gust can be upgraded with Ag (silver).

Some robots and combinations for this shotgun are: Gepard and 3x Gust, Leo and Thunder + 3x Gust. Durable robots, fast robots, and shielded robots can work with this weapon.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 1768 10,000 Components - 3536 15912 3536
2 1944 (+10%) 12,000 6m 3888 17496 3888
3 2136 (+10%) 24,000 36m 4272 19224 4272
4 2348 (+10%) 48,000 1h12m 4696 21132 4696
5 2580 (+10%) 240,000 4h48m 5160 23220 5160
6 2836 (+10%) 480,000 9h36m 5672 25524 5672
7 3120 (+10%) 960,000 20h24m 6240 28080 6240
8 3428 (+10%) 1,800,000 1d1h12m 6856 30852 6856
9 3764 (+10%) 3,600,000 1d6h 7528 33876 7528
10 4140 (+10%) 6,000,000 1d13h12m 8280 37260 8280
11 4548 (+10%) 9,600,000 2d2h24m 9096 40932 9096
12 5000 (+10%) 15,600,000 2d20h24m 10000 45000 10000

Damage from all four particles. Data from

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