…Eight on the Beaufort Scale. The enemy had better hold on tight if he wants to stay standing… – in-game description


The Gust is a light kinetic weapon. It was released in version 3.5.0.


This shotgun works very similarly to the Storm (medium weapon) and the Thunder (heavy weapon), due to the bullet spread and the reload while firing mechanic. It fires faster than both but with less particles. This makes it a light version of the Storm or Thunder since it acts like them in many ways, and should be played similarly to them.

The Gust can take down Ancile shields effectively, due to most (if not all) of the projectiles hitting the Ancile, due to the large size of the shield. It can also destroy Ecu (physical) shields very quickly, due to double damage done to physical shields by kinetic weapons.

Like the other aforementioned shotguns, in order for the Gust to severely damage another robot, you must get close to your opponents. Not much damage will be done beyond 200 meters due to the bullet spread of the gun. However, the Gust can still take down Anciles effectively beyond that range (up to 500 metres). It is recommended to use an Ecu shield or an Ancile shield, or a bot with high speed or health to close the distance.

To purchase the Gust, you must first acquire 10,000 Gust components, and then you may trade them in to acquire this weapon from your storage, which you can access from the Black Market screen.

Some good choices of robots to mount this shotgun on, are the Stalker, Gepard and Leo. The Stalker makes great use of 2 Gusts with it's stealth ability and speed, allowing it to get the most damage out of it by getting close to it's target, while taking little, to no damage, in the process. The Gepard can use this weapon to it's maximum potential for a light robot, having 3 light hardpoints. Finally, the Leo can mount 3 of these, along with a Thunder, as they have great synergy and combined, have devastating firepower at close range, taking out most robots very quickly.

Update History

Update 3.7.0

  • Damage increased by 10%

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
1 1948 10,000 Components - 3896 17532 1948
2 2140 (+10%) 12,000 6m 4280 19260 2140
3 2352 (+10%) 24,000 36m 4704 21168 2352
4 2588 (+10%) 48,000 1h 12m 5176 23292 2588
5 2844 (+10%) 240,000 4h 48m 5688 25596 2844
6 3124 (+10%) 480,000 9h 36m 6248 28116 3124
7 3432 (+10%) 960,000 20h 24m 6864 30888 3432
8 3772 (+10%) 1,800,000 1d 1h 12m 7544 33948 3772
9 4144 (+10%) 3,600,000 1d 6h 8288 37296 4144
10 4556 (+10%) 6,000,000 1d 13h 12m 9112 41004 4556
11 5004 (+10%) 9,600,000 2d 2h 24m 10008 45036 5004
12 5500 (+10%) 15,600,000 2d 20m 24m 11000 49500 5500

Note: This table shows the damage from all 4 bullets/particles fired.